Exclusive Offer for NAfME Attendees: Free Trial

We created Charms for music teachers. Built with the feedback of thousands of music teachers, Charms music education software helps reduce your administrative burden to let you focus on the important stuff – teaching. Experience Charms today. Sign up for an exclusive free trial for those we met at the NAfME conference.

30-Day Free Trial

By managing student and family data, communications, payments, inventory, schedules and more, our web-based software frees up time for music educators.

Now, Charms offers even more tools. When you sign up for our NAfME free trial, be sure to learn more about our new ticketing tool and our online payment solution.

What are our customers saying? 

"What a wonderful product…we have seen tremendous improvement in our organizational skills thanks to it! In the midst of losing a band secretary position due to budget cuts, Charms helped all of us make it through the transition. We continue to learn something new every day about the program. My kids are recording a final as we speak thanks to the recording studio!”
—Ocean Springs Middle School Mississippi
“With the Charms library system, I can see exactly what music is still out and how much the student owes in fees if they don't return it. This kind of documentation is INVALUABLE! I have had 2 students recently contact me about returning their music, because they had holds on their accounts and were blocked from registering for the spring semester. Hallelujah!”
—ACC Northridge, Texas

Why do thousands of schools choose Charms?

Asset Management
Avoid lost instruments! Keep track of instrument rentals, equipment, uniforms, and your music library in one place. Download our barcode scanning app to lend equipment in seconds.
Parent and Student Portal
Let students complete homework assignments by uploading audio files through our recording studio. Allow parents to see important information about their child including overdue charges.
Secure Financial Management
Accept payments online. Track trips, fundraisers, bank accounts, budgets and more.
Parent Communications
Make reaching parents and students simple with built-in email, text messaging and mass voicemail tools.
Interactive Calendar
Use calendar tools to create weekly lessons and track attendance, request parent volunteers, track RSVPs and promote upcoming concerts.
Event Ticketing
Use our new ticketing tool to build seating charts, have attendees reserve seats and customize tickets to all your events. You can even scan tickets with our free app!