Harmonizing with ASAP

Harmonizing with ASAP

The halls at the main campus of Peabody Preparatory, part of the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, overflow with students and parents. Young girls in tutus rush excitedly past an octogenarian walking with a guitar. Music from a chamber orchestra wafts into the corridor. The place is bustling with people of all ages looking forward to immersing themselves in music and the performing arts.

But what you won’t see is a line of people waiting to register for classes. That used to happen, until Peabody took its registration and class management online with ASAP.

Read this case study to learn how Peabody uses ASAP for…
  • Room scheduling.
  • Private lessons and larger classes.
  • Tracking payments.
  • Much more!

Download this case study now to see why one parent called ASAP "magical!"

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