Don't Go Solo - Get Help from Parents with Charms

What Music Teachers & Parents Can Learn from a Burrito

Music teachers know that managing a program on your own can be overwhelming. And it can be difficult for some teachers to ask parents for help or know where to begin.

Lesley Moffat

Lesley Moffat knows that better than most. She is a music educator and the author of the book I Love My Job but It’s Killing Me: The Teacher’s Guide to Conquering Chronic Stress and Sickness. After more than 32 years working as a music educator and managing a music program, Lesley has learned the importance of bringing people on board to help and finding the right tool to manage them. Every school year, she demonstrates this by gathering parents in the school cafeteria and building a giant burrito as a team.

Watch Lesley as she shares her experience using Charms to collaborate and communicate. And learn how to...

•  Let go and bring in parents and volunteers to help.

•  Use Charms music program management software to coordinate parents and delegate tasks.

•  Get parents excited about being involved.

•  Create and maintain a work-life balance.

•  Build a really, really big burrito.

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