Vanco Events: Time-Saving Ticketing Software Made for Schools

Vanco Events: A Better Way to Manage School Events

How do you manage and organize events at your school?

For many schools the answer is with pen and paper or a series of spreadsheets. But keeping track of ticket sales, attendance and revenue by hand takes a lot of time, and every minute counts when you’re busy teaching classes and organizing events.

Check out this on-demand webinar, Vanco Events: Time-Saving Ticketing Software Made for Schools, to learn how Vanco Events, our powerful event and ticketing software, can save you countless hours by making it easy to manage every school event.

You’ll see what your school can do with Vanco Events, including:

• Sell tickets online for any type of event.
• Scan tickets at the door with a free mobile app.
• Track attendance and sales in real time.
• Accept online donations at checkout.

Save Time with Vanco Events

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