The Explorer's Guide to A Cashless Campus

Your Journey to a Cashless Campus Begins Here 

Trying to go fully cashless without a plan can feel a bit like being lost in the woods. Without a compass or map to guide you, it’ll be tough to find the best path forward. That’s why our expert trail guides are inviting you on a virtual excursion to show you the way.  

Watch our free, 30-minute webinar, The Explorer’s Guide to a Cashless Campus, to learn the best practices from leading school districts for ditching paperwork, cash and checks with an online payment solution.  

You’ll learn how to: 

• Start Small. We’ll help you choose just a few fees to bring online and ease parents into a new payment process.  

• Communicate! Parents and staff are with you on this journey – keep them in the loop with our helpful communication tips. 

• Get Your Tools Working Together. See why integrating your payment processor with your SIS is so important. 

Getting started down the right path is easy when you have a guide. Download our webinar to meet us at the online trailhead for this enlightening trip toward a cashless campus with RevTrak.  

Learn from the Experts!

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