'Tis the Season for a School Fundraising Partner

Seasonal Fundraising Made Easy with RevTrak

The holiday season is here! Your school office is probably caught up in a flurry of event planning and fundraising as the end of the year approaches. And even after that planning is done, there’s still the pile of cash and checks to collect and reconcile before December is over.   

Make the next few months a little easier on your staff with the RevTrak Web Store. Watch our webinar to how you can use the Web Store to save time during this year’s busiest fundraising months. We’ll show you everything you can do with the Web Store, like: 

• Sell tickets to holiday plays and concerts online.
• Build school fundraiser pages.
• Collect donations at checkout.
• Reduce cash handling by collecting payments online.
We’ll also share some tips for maximizing donations and creating top-notch fundraising pages. 

Meet Your Fundraising Partner

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