Whose Words Will You Follow?

Posted by Jeff Pelletier May 30, 2016 9:44:10 PM


In Matthew chapter 6, Jesus tells us “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

What He says to us in His Word is radically different than what the world around you says. The world says “big homes, nice cars and fancy clothes are the mark of success.” Jesus tells us our treasures on earth will be destroyed by moth and rust, and will be pilfered by thieves. He commands us to build up treasures in Heaven. You have to pick whose side you’re on. You can only pick one. Whose words will you follow?

This section of scripture in Matthew 6 is part of a much larger section where Jesus gives us two commands; one in a negative light and one in a positive light. If you build up treasures on earth, they’ll rust, thieves will steal them and moths will ruin them. That’s the negative. But if your treasure is in Heaven, thieves cannot break in and steal and moths and rust will not destroy. Jesus then goes on to tell us not to be anxious about our life and to “seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” and all these things will be added to you.

In short, your life needs to be focused on God’s Kingdom. If you understand that, you get it. If you don’t, you miss it and nothing in your life will matter. It will all be a waste.

So what does that look like practically for us? You can’t compartmentalize following Jesus. You can’t be obedient in one area of your life and not others. There is no picking and choosing. Every aspect of your life needs to and should belong to Him. Obedience means giving Him your entire life, not just for a few hours on Sunday morning.

You may be asking yourself, “How does this pertain to money?” Stick with me. The Bible is the authority on everything, even money. In fact, it sets the agenda on money. One out of every six verses of Jesus’ teaching is about money and possessions. Who knew, right? We desperately need to hear Jesus’ teaching on these topics, because, like I said earlier, it’s far different than the picture the world around us paints.

I’d like to give you four truths Jesus teaches us about money.

  1. Don’t put your trust in stuff. The world says having “stuff” will bring us happiness, contentment, joy and security. But Jesus tells us the truth. “Stuff” isn’t secure. Nothing worldly is permanent. Earthly treasures do not last. Jesus tells us not to put our trust in stuff because He doesn’t want to see you throw your life away on things that don’t matter. He’s trying to protect you from your desire for stuff.
  2. Make sure eternal life impacts everyday life. “Lay up for yourselves treasure in Heaven.” Why does Jesus tell us that? Because Heavenly treasures are eternal. Think of it this way. Jesus is basically saying “The Kingdom of Heaven lasts forever. Will you invest in reaching people for eternity or invest in things that are temporary?”
  3. Your net worth does not depend on how much you have, but on where it’s stored. The person who stores up treasure in Heaven is always more wealthy than the one who stores up treasure on earth. We can’t be buried with cars, houses or money. Investing in Jesus and His Kingdom allows you to enjoy His riches forever. What you give Him, He shares with you. What you keep does not last.
  4. The heart of the matter is not a matter of money. The heart of the matter is a matter of the heart. Jesus could care less about your money. Jesus does, however, care about what your money says about your heart. He wants what your money represents. He wants your heart.

You can trust what Jesus says. He is always good on His Word. This world will tempt you to stop short and give up, but that won’t be an issue when you are completely obedient to Him. The reality of eternal life should impact your every day life. Understand that Biblical stewardship is all about your heart.

About the Author/Jeff Pelletier

Jeff leads, manages and cares for the church staff, oversees the development and strategies of all ministries, and manages the business, human resources and day-to-day operations of Milestone Church. He’s been in ministry for 14 years and spent eight years on the executive team at Fellowship Technologies, a provider of church management software. He and his wife Ginger have three children: Justin, Maegan and Ryan.

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