6 Business Practices to Help Churches Thrive in Changing Times

eGiving Guide: 6 Business Tips to Help Churches Cover

Make a positive impact on your church's financial health

Different missions, common challenges

Though the skills required to deal with the spiritual and temporal may not entirely overlap, good businesses can offer new ideas to churches tackling challenges that are common to both.

Our infographic, “6 Business Practices to Help Churches Thrive in Changing Times,” serves up some food for thought in the areas of:

  • Sticking with your strategic plan
  • Operating more efficiently
  • Hiring great people
  • Encouraging accountability
  • Marketing to reach new members
  • Measuring results

Churches aren’t businesses, but they can learn from them where appropriate to survive and thrive. For more great information on e-Giving and Church growth, visit our Faith-Based Resources page.

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