Jeffery McAlister

Managing Director, Australia 

Jeff has held numerous successful posts throughout an accomplished professional career. After leaving Perth for London, he experienced the .com bubble before he went on to join Betfair, which has grown into a $5.5 billion company. While working at Betfair, he attained an MBA. He gained valuable experience while at Joost (founded by Skype founders). He then returned to Australia where he joined POLi Payments which was successfully sold years later to Australia Post. As the managing director at Trybooking, a Vanco company, Jeff enjoys seeing how active the community is and seeing the extremely broad range of events that actually occur.

Outside of work, Jeff is an avid cyclist. Aside from cycling, he enjoys spending time at home with his family and gardening (aquaponics) and has trekked across much of the globe—he’s been to 63 countries.