School Fundraising Letters to Parents That Really Work

School Fundraising Letters to Parents That Really Work 

Schools across the country are facing budget shortages, so it’s a good idea to send fundraising letters to parents... not just when it’s needed, but year-round. 

If you’re like most school districts, the answer is yes and yes. That’s where Vanco comes in. Vanco Education has acquired Smartcare, adding a valuable child care solution to the one-stop-shop we offer school districts. The most effective fundraising letters spell out a specific financial need, outline how parents can get involved, use powerful stories and imagery to create a bond between the parents and the school and personally thank donors for past gifts and support.

As school administrators, we know you’re strapped for time, so we’ve put together a kit, taking the work out of it. In it, you’ll find: 

  • Best practices for writing effective fundraising letters to parents
  • Information you should include in your letters
  • Seven free, ready-to-go letter templates

Download Your Free Sample Letters & Tips

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