Online Giving Fuels Rapid Growth

eGiving Guide: Xperience Church eGiving Case Study Cover

“I’ve had several conversations with my Vanco giving coach about his church, other churches and how they do giving. It’s a relief to know I have a partner who really understands us and really has our church’s best interest in mind.”
— Matt Baringer, Administrator Pastor

Being intentional about asking for funds

Xperience church doesn’t have members, per se, but 355 volunteers make up its Dream Team who assist in services and commit to serving others through the church. In its first five years, the nondenominational church grew to a weekly census of just over 1,000 worshipers.

Using GivePlus, Xperience has grown its online giving to one-third of collections while the church budget doubled as the number of worshipers grew.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Xperience has been intentional about asking for fund and: 

  • Learning from the successes and failures of other churches
  • Developing a mobile app 
  • Making it as easy as possible for people give

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