Returning to Church During COVID-19 Playbook

Returning to Church During COVID-19 Playbook

How your congregation has joined in worship and community has changed significantly over the past few months. It hasn’t been an easy transition for church leaders, staff or your members. Reopening your church during COVID-19 will also be a challenging shift. But we can make this transition easier.

Our Returning to Church During COVID-19 Playbook provides actionable guidance for churches that are reopening. In this eBook, we’ll share….

• Health and safety tips and resources.

• Best practices for maintaining social distance during services, celebrations and small group discussions.

• Advice for changing your ministries to accommodate contact-free Communion, online group discussions and socially distanced events. 

• Helpful information about communicating with staff, volunteers and your entire congregation.  

• How to maintain a sense of community when members are attending both in-person and virtual services.  

• Recommendations for adjusting your church practices for the future.  

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