Steps for a Successful Back to School Season

Back to School Tips, Resources, and Best Practices for your RevTrak Web Store 

Is your RevTrak portal all set up and ready to go?  

Whether you’re just shaking off the dust, hoping to have the most efficient year yet or you’re brand new to managing your district’s Web Store - we’re here to help you make sure everything is in its place!  

We invite you to watch our recorded webinar, Steps for a Successful Back to School Season. In the video, you’ll learn:  

  • Operational steps that should be completed in your Web Store for the school year 

  • How to learn what other districts are doing and get help perfecting your Web Store 

  • How to add new users and remove staff access to the admin portal 

  • How to encourage parents to use the Web Store 

  • How to get technical support from Vanco 

  • Where to find training videos and other helpful resources 

  • Where to request new Web Store items  

This year is going to be great! Especially since you’ll have all of the information you need to successfully manage your RevTrak Web Store! Start having the best year right now by watching the video!  

Get the Recording!

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