Vanco Education: Online Tools for Schools and Families

Vanco Education: Online Tools for Schools and Families

School districts are preparing for a new way of learning, working and teaching in the coming academic year. We have spoken to districts across the country about the changes they foresee making to registrations, food service and classroom management.  

Vanco can support your school district through this transition, whether students are learning remotely or in the classroom. Our education services provide districts with a convenient, online experience for all school-related activities.

Watch our free, on-demand webinar to learn how Vanco helps schools…

  • Move fall registration and activity payments online.
  • Offer meal pre-order options for families and contactless cafeteria solutions to simplify food service management.
  • Collect all student fees and payments online through a custom Web Store.
  • Accept online donations.
Vanco is here to help your school succeed in the coming school year, wherever your students are learning.

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