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Struggling to set effective stewardship goals due to lack of data? Imagine having insights from 25,000 churches and the giving preferences of 1,000 churchgoers at your fingertips! Our comprehensive research transforms these pain points into a solution. It equips you with unique trends, benchmarks and an understanding of churchgoer's giving habits. Set your goals with confidence and steer your church towards a prosperous giving strategy.

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End the Confusion – Our In-Depth Research Holds the Key to All Your Giving Questions. Here’s What It Offers!

  • Unveiling the Heart of 25,000+ Churches: A meticulous analysis exposing the generosity pulsating through the veins of thousands of congregations.
  • Electronic Alchemy on Church Donations: A deep dive into the electronic realm's impact on the lifeblood of churches - their donations. Witness the transformation unfold.
  • Demographic Symphony of Donations: Our study dissects donation amounts by demographics, painting a vivid portrait of generosity across age, income, and cultural spectrums.
  • Size Matters in Giving: Dissecting habits across different church sizes to unveil the nuances that shape the philanthropic landscape.
  • Echoes Across the Nation: A comprehensive study crafted from the voices of 1,000 churchgoers nationwide, offering a panoramic view of giving trends.
  • Online Altar of Finance: Embark on a journey into thoughts on online giving and its dynamic dance with the financial heartbeat of the church.
  • Unmasking the Altruistic Soul: Peeling back the layers to expose the motivations behind the sacred act of giving, uncovering the driving forces that fuel benevolence.
  • The Rhythms of Generosity: A symphony of preferences unfolds - explore the beats of giving habits, from preferred platforms to the harmonious cadence of donation frequency.
  • Communication's Ripple Effect on Giving: Dive into our analysis of how communication practices send shockwaves through the realms of giving, revealing the subtle art of inspiring generosity.
  • And Much More!

Unlock the secrets of effective stewardship with our unparalleled research based on insights from 25,000 churches and 1,000 churchgoers. Ready to transform your giving strategy?

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