Mobile Church App for Online Giving

Members need spiritual support beyond Sunday worship, which is why we built Vanco Mobile, the free church app that brings your church to your members, wherever they may be. This tool also helps members support their ministries through online giving for churches. Here are just a few of the amazing features included within the Vanco Mobile church app:


Online Giving for Churches

Vanco’s church app offers online giving tools that encourage members to give and even set up automatic donations. It also enables members and visitors to make payments for church fundraisers.


An Online Church Directory

Members can easily connect with others in their congregations using Vanco Mobile’s safe and secure online directory. The directory allows members to create a profile within minutes and has multiple privacy settings for their information.


Online Church Group Management

Easily manage online groups such as Bible studies and prayer ministries with the Vanco Mobile app. Share virtual meeting details, notes and even let group members connect with a group chat feature.


Private Chat

Give another medium for members to get the spiritual support they need. Allow them to connect with your pastor or church staff by private chat.


A Central Hub for Virtual Worship

Virtual worship is a powerful tool that helps many churches reach their members each Sunday. However, its materials, such as online bulletins or Zoom links, can be difficult to find. Give members an easy place to access all the necessary online worship materials with the Vanco Mobile app.


Engaging your church community in your mission is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Create your free Vanco Mobile account.
  2. Personalize the app for your church.
  3. Communicate and engage with your members.

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Vanco Mobile Works with Zoom!

With the free Vanco Mobile app, Vanco churches can automatically create and distribute Zoom meeting details to your attendees. Our integration with Zoom makes it fast and easy for churches to connect their Vanco Mobile account to your existing Zoom meetings account. Find us in the Zoom App Market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vanco Mobile used for?

Churches across the country use Vanco Mobile for a variety of purposes including…

  • Virtual Services – Whether you’re recording or livestreaming, Vanco Mobile helps churches communicate with members on how to connect to virtual services.
  • Bible Study – Boost group engagement by letting members attend virtually.
  • Prayer Groups – Facilitate group prayer outside the church with Vanco Mobile.
  • Volunteering – Easily manage volunteers for fundraisers, church upkeep, cleaning and more.
  • Committees – Connect your leadership council, your finance committee and any of your other groups.
  • Pastor Conversations – Provide another avenue for your members to connect with your pastor or clergy and receive the spiritual guidance they need.

What tools are available for helping me get started with Vanco Mobile?

There are plenty of materials that will help members get started with Vanco Mobile and promote its use. Here is a list to get you started.

  • User Guide for Members PowerPoint – Easily show your members how to use the app with this step-by-step guide.
  • Member Introduction Video – Quickly introduce members to the app with a one-minute video that shows its benefits and how it can help build community within a church.
  • Promotional Email and Social Media Templates for Churches – Encourage members to use the app with these email and social media templates designed to help generate interest and grow engagement.
  • And More – We’ve created hundreds of items to help engage your members and increase giving for your church. Access these helpful guides and tools by visiting our Resource Center.

Is it really free?

Yes, we're making Vanco Mobile free for all churches. During this difficult period, we want churches to remain connected and engaged. This is how we can help, and we're happy to do it.

How easy is it to set-up customize the Vanco Mobile app for our church?

The app is fully customizable. You can add your members, grant user permissions to group leaders and add your colors, logos and photos right away.

How will donors find out about the mobile app?

Use your regular communications channels to let your members know about Vanco Mobile. Once your members download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, they can search the app for your church by name and start using it.

Will our church’s Vanco eGiving methods work with Vanco Mobile?

Yes! Your members can give with Vanco Mobile just as they would with other Vanco eGiving tools. Your members can give one time or set up recurring gifts right in the Vanco Mobile app.

Can Vanco Mobile set and display seating limits for events or Sunday services?

Yes! You can set attendance limits for events and allow members and their guests to RSVP within the app. The app also keeps attendance in real time, so Vanco Mobile users are always able to easily see how many seats are available.

Does Vanco Mobile integrate with Zoom?

Yes! We integrate seamlessly with Zoom. For churches that use Zoom for virtual ministry, it's as simple connecting your Zoom account with your Vanco Mobile account. To learn more, request a demo today!

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