Affiliated Partners

When you become a Vanco affiliated partner, you have everything you need to offer your customers a secure ACH or debit and credit card processing service that is simple to implement and easy to use. With 24/7 online reporting and unparalleled support, your customers have the advantage of a fully vetted donation and payment solution. And with our personalized training, communication plans and incentives to increase adoption, you have the tools and support to start accepting electronic payments fast.

Our family of affiliated partners include religious councils and conferences, trade and professional associations, chambers of commerce, franchisers, and more. They’ve teamed up with us to sell our electronic giving and payment solutions because we understand their business models, and they know we are committed to their long-term success.

Integrated Software Partners

Are you a software vendor who requires advanced electronic giving or payment processing capabilities to integrate into your solutions? Are you a reseller who needs to increase customer stickiness by including donation and payment capabilities into your app? Or, are you a developer who wants to differentiate yourself by making your own offerings more robust?

Vanco is committed to helping our integrated partners be more competitive and more successful. Our primary focus is on being a giving and payment solutions partner both you and your clients can trust.

Vanco provides you with the processes and technology required to enhance your clients’ giving and payment environments. Our electronic solutions are easy to use, simple to integrate and totally secure. It’s what your customers need to accept payments or donations successfully, and what you need to help your business grow.


To provide giving and payment solutions your members and customers can trust, become a partner today!

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