Broadcasting is no longer enough.

The way people worship has changed. Churches now need a way to make online worship as dynamic and inclusive as when everyone was in the sanctuary together.

Provide an online worship experience they'll love.

More than just a streaming provider, Vanco Live brings your sanctuary online, allowing members to focus on your worship services, give to their favorite causes and interact on a single page. This means more devotion and less distraction.


Focused, meaningful engagement

Members can follow the sermon, review notes, interact, and give without the distraction of navigating to other windows.

Real-time interaction

Drive moderated, in-event communication among members of your church community.

Increased generosity

Bring your church’s most-important causes to life on screen in a way that inspires more volunteerism and donations.

An easy way to donate

Online worshippers can donate at any point without ever leaving the screen. The donation basket stays in their laps!

What's even better, we make it simple.

  • Setup is a snap. If you can copy and paste, make a few simple decisions, and tap a link, you can use Vanco Live.
  • It’s easy for everyone. There’s no need to change how you’re streaming. Just how you’re engaging.
  • We’re by your side. From a smooth implementation to free customer support, we’re here for you.

Churches need more than a broadcast.

See how Vanco Live can spread your church’s message and grow connections between members and donors. Schedule a demonstration today to learn how you can build strong relationships, grow giving and spread your message with Vanco Live.