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Create Epic Church Events in Minutes

What if selling church event tickets was the easiest task of your day? Dive into unmatched ticketing, swift guest entries and reports that actually make sense. 

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What if setting up a church event was as easy as making a cup of coffee? Vanco’s event ticketing software makes it that simple. 


Online Registration

Boost church event sign-ups instantly! Our software lets attendees register 24/7, manages guest data, securely handles event payments and shares event info effortlessly.


Customized Event Pages

Transform the way you sell church event tickets! With custom registration pages, immerse your congregation in an experience that mirrors your church's identity and the grandeur of your event.


Data and Analytics

Unlock critical data and analytics to drive decisions. Deliver events that perfectly resonate with your congregation's needs and desires.


Easily Manage Attendees

Step into the next generation of church event ticketing. Communicate faster, scan easier, and leave no attendee uninformed. Our software turns challenges into a streamlined process, whether you're reaching out or checking in.


Secure Payments

Picture your attendees, confident and worry-free, as they proceed with their church event payments. Why? Because our software champions top-tier security, approved by the big players: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and more!


Free Events Are Free

What if selling church event tickets felt as natural as Sunday morning sermons? From setting up no-cost events to seamless check-ins, we’ve engineered it all. Dive into our event software, and within minutes, you will witness how easy it can be.

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Talk with an expert and see how easy it is to use Vanco. We'll show you how simple it is to create an event, purchase tickets, manage seating, raise funds and more.



"Last year, we had a sold out event. We've never had that in 27 years. It was so simple and took away so many hours of stress and of lists and of spreadsheets, and making deposits as we'd been doing previously."

Julie Murphy, Activities Assistant - St. Cloud Cathedral High School




Don't Be Left Behind: 25,000 Churches Have Already Chosen Vanco!


Online Giving Pages

Unlock limitless giving opportunities for your congregation! With our visually-stunning online giving pages, not only can your church present its unique journey but you also enable members to contribute whenever, wherever.

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Text to Give

What if your congregation could support your church with just a quick text, anytime they felt inspired? With Vanco’s text giving, it's possible. It's like having a donation box right in their pockets!


Church Giving and Engagement App

Vanco's church app isn't just about giving—it's a hub of connection. Engage members with private chats, group discussions, a comprehensive church directory, and yes, a seamless donation experience—all in one place.



With Vanco Live, your church breaks geographical boundaries, connecting more souls and opening new avenues for giving. The digital revolution is here—embrace it.