Text Giving for Churches: The Answer to the Prayers of Busy Worshippers

With multiple funds, easy setup and the option to make instant one-time or recurring gifts, text giving for churches not only enhances generosity but also provides unprecedented convenience and flexibility for both churches and churchgoers.

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What Is Text Giving for Churches?

Text-to-Give makes giving as easy as sending a text message, transforming your members’ mobile devices into a powerful instrument of generosity.

Your church will love it because it’s...


Easy to seize the moment of generosity:

Text-to-Give for churches streamlines the giving process, removing barriers and reducing the giving process to simple church text messages.


Simple to make each gift recurring:

In just moments, members can choose to make their gifts routine, and provide predictable, regular donations to your church.


Able to connect members to causes:

Members with a strong attachment to a cause are more willing to give more of their resources if they’re allowed to direct them where they want.

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Your congregation will love it because it’s...


Easy to use:

Text-to-Give is as straightforward as it sounds: from any mobile phone, members just send a text, and they’ve made a difference!



Whether members are moved to give in the moment or prefer to schedule their contributions, Text-to-Give has them covered with a flexible process that is easy to set up in a moment.


Full of donation options:

Do your members want to direct their gifts to support causes dear to their hearts? With Vanco’s cause-based giving feature, it's easy.

Why Should Churches Implement Text-to-Give Campaigns?


Text-To-Give Offers Simplicity

Why complicate generosity? With Text-to-Give services, making donations is as simple as sending a text. It's an easy, straightforward way for supporters to contribute to their church's mission and ministries.


Text-To-Give Ensures Speed

No more paperwork and no more delays. Text-to-Give ensures instant donation processing. With just a quick text, donors can make contributions in real time.


It's a Budget-Friendly Choice

Think giving solutions have to be costly? Think again. Text-to-Give eliminates expensive hardware and software installations, making it a cost-effective choice for churches of all sizes and budgets.


Donors Find It Convenient

Donating on your terms, anytime, anywhere. That’s the convenience Text-to-Give offers donors. No barriers, no limitations — just more opportunities for giving.


Access Funds Sooner

Why wait to make a difference? Vanco’s Text-to-Give enables churches to access donated funds faster, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently and effectively.


Safeguard Donor Information

Donor security is our priority. With Vanco, you can trust that personal and financial data is protected through secure and encrypted systems.



Less administrative work, more focus on what truly matters. Text giving automates the donation process, freeing up church staff to concentrate on ministry and engagement.


Foster Consistent Giving Through Recurring Donations

Text-to-Give enables donors to set up automatic contributions, ensuring a steady stream of support for ongoing needs.


Expand Outreach and Accept Remote Donations

Bring your mission to those near and far. Vanco opens up your church to remote supporters, allowing even those who can't attend services in person to contribute.


Enhanced Privacy

Respect for donor privacy is key. With Vanco’s Text-to-Give, churches can assure supporters that their personal information is kept confidential and used only for donation purposes.


How Text Giving Works for Your Congregation

The giving process only involves three easy steps.


Text to start:

Members text your church's unique 10-digit number to begin.

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They fill in their details and payment information on the registration page.


Text to donate:

Once registered, they can donate by texting the amount. For recurring donations, they simply text ”Recurring.” Receipts are emailed for donors’ documentation.

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