Inspire Generosity with Vanco's Online Giving for Churches

Our church donation pages go beyond simplifying giving; they narrate the compelling stories of the good your ministry performs. Churches that take donations can use our platform to highlight the essence of each cause, inspire generosity and vividly demonstrate to your congregation the true impact of their giving.

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Turn The Payment Experience Into a Giving Experience.

We believe that when church members give to a cause, it shouldn’t feel transactional. It should light them up. Vanco Online donation solutions inspire members to give by helping them envision how their dollars will make an impact.


Increased Generosity

Amplify your causes in a way that helps members envision the impact their online gifts will have.



Ease of setup and ease of use for both church staff and members.

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Rest assured that every dollar is directed to its intended cause.

What Effect Does Online Giving Have on Your Church?

We have collaborated with tens of thousands of churches over two decades, and we have observed these remarkable effects from online church giving.


A Simplified Donation Journey

Online giving pages, effortlessly set up by staff, cut down on paperwork and provide online donors with a smooth, hassle-free giving process and a great donor experience.


Fewer Administrative Burdens

Say goodbye to the burden of cash and check transactions! Online tithing and giving revolutionizes the way donations are received, significantly reducing administrative workload for church staff.


Greater Cash Flow

By embracing online giving, churches can enhance their cash flow, boost church funds and unlock the potential for larger planned contributions through convenient recurring giving features.


Timely Contributions

No more worries about forgotten checks at home or in the car! Online giving ensures timely contributions, enabling accurate budget forecasts and eliminating disruptions.

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Expanded Reach

With Vanco, online donors can support important causes from any corner of the globe, at any time. This expands the donor base and amplifies the impact of the church's mission. Reach online visitors — and potential donors — with one simple interface.


Streamlined Giving Experience

In today's dynamic church landscape, including hybrid audiences, leveraging technology simplifies the giving process for both in-person and online worshippers, making it effortless and seamless for all.


Stability in Church Budgets

Embracing online giving brings stability to church budgets, freeing them from the fluctuations tied to physical attendance and ensuring a solid financial foundation for growth and impact.


Increased Donor Satisfaction

Online giving pages uplift donor satisfaction through engaging storytelling and the certainty that each donation is directed to its intended cause.

8 Critical Components of Vanco’s Online Church Donation Pages


Recurring Giving

With intelligently integrated recurring giving, Vanco's online church donation software encourages consistent generosity while providing a dependable source of income.


Gifts and Deposits Reporting

Vanco's comprehensive gifts and deposits reporting provides a detailed analysis of donations, enabling better financial planning and transparency.


Summary Reporting Weekly or Monthly

The summary reporting feature provides a snapshot of donations on a weekly or monthly basis, making it easier to monitor and plan financial strategies.


Tax Receipt Issuance

Seamlessly integrated into Vanco's online church donation software is a tax receipt issuance feature. This tool ensures prompt and accurate tax documentation for all donors, simplifying the giving process.


Multiple Payment Options

Donors have many donation options, such as major debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and many others. They can also use bank transfers or ACH.


Embeddable Forms

Seamless incorporation of donation forms on church websites ensures a streamlined and convenient donation process.


Accessible Online from Any Device

With Vanco's online church donation pages, donors can contribute from anywhere, on any device, making giving as easy and convenient as possible.


Integration with Church Management Systems

Compatible with more than 60 church management systems, Vanco's donation pages ensure seamless data synchronization, making recordkeeping simple.


Convenience Fee Offsets

Churches can allow donors to donate an additional convenience fee to help counterbalance processing fees and offset costs.

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A Good Story Can Fuel Generosity

Unleash the power of Vanco Online and ignite generosity by showcasing the purpose behind every cause and the impact of each dollar donated.

Real Stories, Real Impact:
Testimonials from Church Leadership

Discover how over 25,000 churches have transformed their giving through Vanco’s storytelling donation pages. Hear firsthand experiences from church leaders in many different positions.

Pastor Peter

Why Pastor Peter and tens of thousands of other pastors choose Vanco!

Treasurer Dave

Church finance staff and volunteers love Vanco. Watch now to see why!

Recorder Colin

An increase in dues of 75%! Watch the video to get the full story.

CFO Heidi

Hear from our client about the power of storytelling.

Vanco’s Church Giving Pages Accept Many Payment Options





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Maximize Your Impact: Connect with a Giving Consultant Now

Engage in a conversation with a dedicated giving consultant and explore the optimal combination of Vanco's eGiving products together. See our versatile church donation page, which will help you reach your members where they prefer to make contributions.

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