Reporting & Insights

Transform donor data into insights that help you drive generosity and strengthen your mission.




Simplify donation reports and giving insights so you can encourage generosity and grow your church community.

Your church staff will love its...


Simplified Reporting

Get all your donation details and summaries in a few easy-to-understand reports.


Giving Dashboards

Easily understand your church’s giving trends at a glance.


New and Lapsed Donor Tracking

Quickly identify new and lapsed donors so you can plan your outreach and identify who needs your time attention.


Recurring Gift Tracking

Simplify cash flow planning by knowing when gifts are scheduled and how much money to expect.

Your staff will love it because it’s...


Easy to use:

The Vanco Giving reporting and insights module is simple to use, with straightforward reporting and easy-to-understand analytics and insights that are just a click away!


Simple to Share:

Say goodbye to endless data manipulation and hello to insights that jump off the page.  With Vanco Giving Reporting & Insights, you can quickly understand trends to any level of your organization.



Do you wish you had the ability to generate full-featured insights at the click of a button?  Whether you're speaking to your board, a specialized committee, or your full congregation, we've got you covered.


How Reporting & Insights Works for Your Team

Generating powerful insights in three easy steps.


Sign up for premium insights:

Add the reporting and insights module to your Vanco subscription.

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Log In:

Log in to your enhanced Vanco Giving experience.


Access insights:

Once registered, you can quickly leverage your premium insight dashboards to generate giving insights in minutes.

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Tune into the inspiring testimonials of four of the 25,000 churches that have simplified giving and grown generosity with Vanco.

Pastor Peter

Why Pastor Peter and tens of thousands of other pastors choose Vanco!

Treasurer Dave

Church finance staff and volunteers love Vanco. Watch now to see why!

Recorder Colin

An increase in dues of 75%! Watch the video to get the full story.

CFO Heidi

Hear from our client about the power of storytelling.


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Grow Your Ministry Through Insights

Vanco's reporting and insights module makes it easy to grow you ministry as you quickly identify challenges and successes that represent your potential growth areas.

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