School Lunch POS Software

Designed by food service directors and school business managers, this POS school payment system speeds up meal service, anonymizes students with free or reduced-cost lunches and streamlines cafeteria management.

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Minutes Matter: Give School Staff Their Time Back

Experience a new era of speed and ease with school lunchtime software that...


Streamlines financial reporting for comprehensive meal payment transaction history tracking.


Empowers parents with an intuitive online system for hassle-free lunch account management, reducing the number of support calls to the school.


Puts an end to slow lunch lines through student cards and rapid cashless payment options at checkout.


Navigates National School Lunch Program challenges with built-in compliance features.


Empowers school staff to maximize efficiency and reduce food waste with meal pre-order capabilities.


Easily tracks hot lunches, a la carte options, vending machine purchases and more.


Ensures reliability and responsiveness in your food service management.


Provides reliable, secure and compliant food service programs and school fee payments.


Offers stellar U.S.-based expert software support, making it easy for you to adapt to changes.


Enables seamless operations, both online and offline — even in cases of temporary internet loss, payments can still be processed and transactions will automatically sync with the system when internet access is restored.


Helps to move students through lunch lines efficiently, giving them valuable time to enjoy their meals and allowing staff to prepare for the next lunch wave.

Happier Parents and Guardians: Eliminate Friction from the Payment Experience.

Let parents skip the friction with an online payment system that...

  • Allows parents to make payments from any place and at any time.
  • Offers secure payment transactions, with a PCI Level 1 rating.
  • Sends automatic low-balance alerts to ensure their students have enough money in their debit accounts.
  • Provides easy access to review account balances.
  • Integrates with Vanco’s online school store software so parents can pay all student fees in one place.
  • Lets parents plan and manage their children’s meals effortlessly with a convenient pre-order system.

Why Do 1,300 Districts Across the Country Trust Vanco?

For more than two decades, Vanco has built software to help K-12 school administrators, staff and the families they service. Take a quick look at how Vanco's software saves time and stress for K-12 staff and families.

CFO Sarah

Discover why one of the fastest growing school districts in the country relies on Vanco to meet increasing demands.

Director of Finance Cindy

Cindy’s district needed a more efficient way to collect payments. See how Vanco delivered.

Director of Technology Nicole

From fundraisers to registrations and payments, Vanco has saved this director countless hours of work.

Athletic Director Julie

See how Julie sold out events and brought in over $16,000 with Vanco’s easy-to-use software.

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