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School Lunch Money Account Software Built for Admins, Parents and Students

Vanco’s school lunch payment portal was constructed with a single mission: to put an end to the stress and headaches often tied to school meal program management. Our software ensures an effortless and tranquil experience for students, parents and administrators alike.

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The Time-Saving Legacy: Why Districts Nationwide Choose Vanco's School Lunch Ordering System

Districts across the country have used Vanco’s school lunch ordering system for decades. They do it to save their most valuable commodity, time. Vanco’s system cuts down on paperwork, makes food lines move lightning fast and simplifies school meal payment tracking for admins and parents. It’s a huge time saver for everyone.


How Vanco’s School Lunch Ordering System Saves Staff Time & Stress

Designed to streamline the entire meal management process, our software not only enhances efficiency, it also empowers school cafeteria staff with time-saving tools. Speed up lunch lines, automatically build reports and save your cafeteria staff countless hours of work with our software.

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Streamline Payment Processing

Empower staff to work more efficiently while giving parents an easy way to make online payments through lunch money accounts.

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Save time with meal pre-ordering features

Post your menu online so parents can select meals for their kids in advance.

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Consolidate reporting

Track all meal payments and more, all in one place.


Speed up lunch lines

With student ID cards and quick sale options, schools can increase checkout speed. Move students through the line faster so staff can prepare for the next lunch wave and give students more time to eat.

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Easy-to-use Point-of-sale Software & Hardware

Our user-friendly software and hardware are easy for your staff to learn. Train directors in under an hour and all food service support staff in under 15 minutes.


Minimize Parent Inquiries

Reduce parent calls by giving them a solution they can use to monitor student spending. Parents can make meal payments whenever they want and stay ahead of the game with our low-balance alerts.


Streamlined National School Lunch Program Compliance

Need an easier way to manage compliance? With features like multi-child forms and auto-eligibility, we've got you covered.


Unlock Comprehensive Financial Insights

Embrace the confidence that comes with making informed decisions, both big and small, using school lunch software that provides comprehensive reporting at your fingertips.


Realize Savings and Slash Food Waste

Empower parents to enter school lunch orders in advance and enable your cafeteria staff to predict school meal item consumption with precision.

How Vanco’s School Lunch Ordering System Saves Parents Time & Stress

The intuitive school lunch account software gives parents and guardians more autonomy while keeping administration simple.


Empower Lunchroom Choices

Give parents the authority to oversee their children's dietary selections and make adjustments as needed.


Make All Payments in One Place

With Vanco’s school lunch ordering system, parents no longer need to navigate a maze of systems for activities, lunches and fees. With our software, they can swiftly and easily handle all school payments in one place.


Pay Anytime & Anywhere

With Vanco’s school lunch account software, parents can pay online anytime and anywhere. No late payments, no cash handling, just 24/7 access!


Gain Peace of Mind with Secure Transactions

Vanco adheres to PCI compliance, the gold standard for credit card security set by Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Parents can pay anytime without fear of their data being exposed.


Receive Low-balance Alerts

Thanks to automated low-balance alerts, parents will always know when their children's lunch accounts need attention.


Protect Privacy

Many parents and their children rely on free and reduced-cost lunches, yet there can be a social stigma associated with this program. Vanco’s system ensures anonymity, safeguarding student privacy.

What Are Schools Saying About Vanco?

CFO Sarah

Discover why one of the fastest growing school districts in the country relies on Vanco to meet increasing demands.

Director of Finance Cindy

Cindy’s district needed a more efficient way to collect payments. See how Vanco delivered.

Director of Technology Nicole

From fundraisers to registrations and payments, Vanco has saved this director countless hours of work.

Athletic Director Julie

See how Julie sold out events and brought in over $16,000 with Vanco’s easy-to-use software.

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