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Fundraising isn’t easy, yet schools need to boost revenue to fund key programs, which is why you need a fundraising platform built for schools. With the right school fundraising software, you can increase revenue, simplify payments for parents and staff, and streamline your events.

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Make it easy for families and communities to give

When schools make it easy to contribute, they collect more revenue. That’s why our fundraising software for schools makes it easy to collect all payments and donations in one online platform. Schools can collect donations online at any time or any place. Our software also makes it easier for supporters to give again by securely saving preferred payment information, which makes checkouts even faster.

Manage fundraising events

Vanco offers 20 key features to streamline tasks and increase event revenue. For seated events, Vanco's school fundraising tools let you create seating charts and enable attendees to reserve their spots.

With Vanco, building and promoting your event becomes effortless. Community members can buy tickets online and even add extra donations to their purchase. Plus, our platform excels at virtual fundraising!


Keep all payments in one place

With Vanco’s online store, the central hub for all student payments, parents can add funds to their student’s lunch account, pay for their tech insurance, buy a t-shirt to support the Spanish Club trip, and donate to the PTA – all in one transaction. Keeping everything in one place makes it extra easy for staff to manage, with reporting by item, date, account code and bank account.

Streamline fundraising and financial controls

Ditch paper forms and door-to-door knocking with our fundraising platform for schools. Let students share links to fundraising items so friends and family can submit their order online.

Cut down on paperwork by reducing cash and check orders through your new online school store. Easily set fundraisers to deposit to the appropriate accounts with the right accounting codes and manage access for important financial data.


See the top fundraising platform for schools in action

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1,300+ Districts Can't Be Wrong:
Our School Fundraising Software Simplifies Payments and Boosts Revenue

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CFO Sarah

Discover why one of the fastest growing school districts in the country relies on Vanco to meet increasing demands.

Director of Finance Cindy

Cindy’s district needed a more efficient way to collect payments. See how Vanco delivered.

Director of Technology Nicole

From fundraisers to registrations and payments, Vanco has saved this director countless hours of work.

Athletic Director Julie

See how Julie sold out events and brought in over $16,000 with Vanco’s easy-to-use software.

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