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Vanco is proud to be a PowerSchool Premium Partner. Vanco Education’s software reduces work for staff members and allows parents to easily make any school-related payments online, all by simply logging into their existing PowerSchool account. Make life easier for staff and parents using our Single Sign-On (SSO) feature and by using any of your favorite PowerSchool configurations.

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vanco and powerschool partnership

Take back your time with Vanco and PowerSchool

We know you're time-starved. That's why we partnered with PowerSchool to automate time-consuming procedures, including reconciliation, reporting and more. Use our real-time API integrations and give yourself time to focus on your district's needs.

Streamline payments

Easily collect all student payments from your existing PowerSchool account. 

Easily track revenue streams

Connect as many deposit accounts as you need to avoid manual transfers and co-mingling of funds.

Integrate with existing infrastructure

We fit seamlessly with most PowerSchool configurations. Select the tools that are best for your district’s needs.


Seamless Single Sign-On Experience

We know you're busy. That's why we provide admins and parents with a Single Sign-On (SSO) experience that can be set up in under 2 minutes.

Vanco is a PowerSchool Premium Partner offering multiple configuration options to streamline procedures and meet your district's needs. We also support payment integrations for PowerSchool Ecollect, eSchoolPlus, Enrollment and Enrollment Express and more. You can choose the payment experience that best fits your district:

  • Vanco’s Fee Management PowerSchool Plugin is an embeddable plugin that lets district families pay assigned fees without ever leaving their PowerSchool account.
  • Vanco’s RevTrak Web Store is another option to offer a single location for all school payments: assigned fees, optional fees, food service, event tickets, spirit wear and more.


Learn why Waukee Community School District loves Vanco

It's just such a smooth seamless relationship. I wish all of our vendor relationships were this easy, and I’ve said that before, and I mean that.”
Sarah Kautz

CFO for Waukee Community School

District in Iowa


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Vanco helps over a thousand school districts across the country streamline and automate their finances, saving staff hundreds of hours of work each year. Request a demo and see how much time you can save now!