Vanco Education’s software reduces work for staff members and allows parents to easily make any school-related payments online, all by simply logging into their existing PowerSchool account.

Take Back Your Time with Vanco and PowerSchool

Schools have options with Vanco and PowerSchool:

  • Our RevTrak Web Store serves as the centralized location for all school payments. Web Stores have a polished interface and are easy to customize with new items, seasonal drives, fundraisers and more.
  • Or use our fee management plugin to make payments as easy as possible for parents. With the plugin, parents can make payments within PowerSchool. No additional log-in or link to an external site is needed.

Learn More About Our Real-Time API Integrations

Watch this 2-min video to learn how Vanco's PowerSchool integrations can simplify school payments:

HubSpot Video

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Don’t put your team through another semester of chasing payments, searching for unknown student balances and trying to make a hodgepodge of software tools work together. Schedule a free demo today to see how Vanco’s PowerSchool integrations make payments easier for families and reduce tedious work for your staff.


Fee Management

Assign fees to students and have them pay with two easy options – our RevTrak Web Store or our embedded PowerSchool plugin. With the plugin, parents make payments directly within PowerSchool. No links to external pages.


Food Service

Manage meal accounts and payments in a single location. Plus, you can use your current food software or use Vanco’s food service solution.


Event Ticketing

Our fully customizable school event ticketing system makes it easy to sell tickets (or collect donations) to athletics games, band concerts, and more.


All Payments

Collect payments for purchases and donations in a RevTrak Web Store. This centralized payment hub can be used for fundraisers, event tickets, spirit wear and everything else students pay for.

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