Simplify Parking Lot Management with FaithPark and Vanco 

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Eliminate the Hassle of Parking Lot Management and Increase Revenue  

Is your church parking lot full during the week or on the weekend due to city- or community-hosted activities like sporting events, concerts, fairs and more? Have you thought about trying to monetize your parking spaces but just aren’t sure where to start?  

Vanco has partnered with FaithPark to combine their expertise to help churches leverage their parking spaces. Build a positive visitor experience for community members who park there and ensure secure payment processing with Vanco and FaithPark.  


Why Should I Consider Parking Lot Management?  

  • Increased church revenue: FaithPark specializes in helping churches understand the right price to charge for parking in their church lots.  
  • Effortless implementation: Enjoy hassle-free and straightforward implementation that will help you set up and market your parking. 
  • Positive visitor experience: Collect required information for payment and to assist with the visitor follow-up process, giving your church an opportunity to grow your member base.  

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