Free Preschool and Daycare Teacher Contract Template

Use the following daycare teacher contract when your daycare center needs to hire a new teacher. This type of language can be challenging to get right. This free template can be a guide to help you create your own daycare teacher contract.  

Alternatively, you can also use this preschool staff contract template as is. Simply replace the bracketed areas with the correct information to complete the template. Add your school's logo to the daycare contract template to personalize it.  

We included the text below the image in case you would prefer to copy and paste the material into your own document. Or, you can use the free Word document template linked from the image below. 

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Free Daycare Teacher Contract Template 

The Employer, hereby referred to as "the school," and [Name of Teacher], hereby referred to as "the teacher," enter into this agreement on the [Day] of [Month], [Year]. 

The school and the teacher have agreed to the following terms by signing this agreement: 

Employment: The teacher is employed as a [full-time/part-time] teacher starting on [Date]. The first [Number] days of employment are a trial period. During the trial period, the school can terminate this contract without prior notice in writing. 

Salary: The school guarantees the teacher $[Amount] per month, which is approximately $[Amount] per hour. 

Paydays: The teacher will receive their salary on the [Date] of every month. If the date falls on a bank or school holiday, the school will make payment on the next working day. 

Working Hours: The teacher will work a minimum of [Hours] per week, with a maximum of [Hours] per week. The teacher will work between the hours of [9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m./8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.].  

Benefits: The school will provide the teacher with [health insurance/dental insurance/life insurance] at no cost to the teacher. 

Vacation: The teacher is entitled to [Number] days of paid vacation each year. 

Paid Sick Days: The school will provide the teacher with [Number] paid sick days per year.  

Personal Days: The school will provide the teacher with [Number] personal days per year.  

Salary Increase: Teachers are eligible for pay increases after the first year and at the end of each semester. The school will provide the teacher with a salary increase of [Number] percent at the end of each semester. This schedule is subject to change. 

Teaching Material: The school will provide the teacher with all teaching materials and supplies necessary to perform their duties. The school will also provide access to computers, printers, copy machines and other resources that are necessary for effective instruction. 

Responsibilities of the Teacher: The teacher is required to perform all duties as outlined in the job description. The teacher will also act professionally while in the presence of students, parents and other teachers. In addition, the teacher will not engage in any behavior that could be considered detrimental to the school's reputation. 

Termination: The school can terminate this contract at any time, with or without cause.  

Stipulations: The teacher will not divulge any confidential information about the school or its students to anyone outside the school community. The teacher will also refrain from making any public statements about this contract, including but not limited to social media posts. 

By signing this contract, the teacher acknowledges that [he/she] has received and read this document in its entirety. 

I, [Name of Teacher], do hereby agree to all of the terms and conditions listed above. 

[Teacher's Signature] [Date] 

Acknowledgment by the school: 

[Director's Signature] [Date] 

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