Use Online Enrollment to Modernize your Childcare Facility


As a childcare provider, enrollments are exciting for you, because it means new students. However, new student enrollments also usually means some back and forth with the parents, a large stack of papers, and then filing all those papers away so you can reference them as needed. It can end up being a lot of work, both for you, as the provider, and for your parents.

On top of that, most parents now expect to be able to sign documents online or send items via email. By moving your enrollment online, you can not only exceed parent’s expectations, but you can streamline your processes – allowing for more time doing what you love, instead of managing paperwork!

Here are the top ways that online enrollment can help your center:


Save Paper

Whether you’re eco-conscious or are just sick of filing stacks of paper away and struggling to find them later, saving paper is a big deal. With an online enrollment feature, parents can head to your website or click a link in an email to complete enrollment.


Even better, as with Smartcare’s online enrollment feature, once enrollment is completed, you’ll be notified and can go over their information right away. Once they’ve been approved, you can easily push the information into Smartcare. You will always know where to go to find forms in the future, no complicated filing system necessary!


Increase Efficiency

It’s just not efficient to send a stack of papers forms home with a parent to complete. Not only do you risk papers forms being lost, but then upon return, you have to manually check each field and form for completion. Using an online enrollment system means that a parent will have to complete the required fields in order to move along. This makes it so much easier for you to spot check their submissions before approving or denying.


Additionally, with Smartcare’s enrollment feature, you can capture payment for any fees that need to be paid at enrollment, such as deposits or enrollment fees. This means no more needing to take a check to the bank, you can have the funds as soon as they’ve hit ‘submit.’


Enhance Parent’s Experience

Parents today are tech savvy. For some childcare providers this can be a huge adjustment. However, in today’s world, adapting to technology and your customer’s expectations is a must. The enrollment period is one of the first interactions that you have with a future customer, so it’s important that this experience goes well.


When signing up for a new program, most customers expect that they’ll be able to complete everything, including payment online. They expect the experience to be user-friendly and self-explanatory. By wow-ing your parents by this first interaction, you show them that you’re not only going to provide great care for their children, but you value their time as well.



Modernizing your childcare facility can seem overwhelming if you’re still a bit old-school in some of your practices. From attendance management to billing to enrollment, you can improve bits and pieces one step at a time. Enrollment is a great place to start with modernization, because it’s one of the first steps that a new parent completes. Additionally, enrollment is one piece of the puzzle that affects more than just your experience, it also affects parents’ experience and how they view your facility. Moving to an online enrollment system will surely mean improvements on both ends of the spectrum.


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Meet all your center’s needs with our cohesive child care and preschool software solutions



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