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Simplify Childcare Management With Technology To Work Smarter, Not Harder

Holistic, all-in-one platform for managing your childcare program

Vanco Child Care’s unified platform for childcare program and classroom management provides real-time visibility into all areas of your program with tools for administrators, educators, and parents.

Smartcare's automated tools, streamlined processes, and bulk actions help you manage and track teacher and child schedules, communicate with parents in real-time, simplify enrollment, eliminate billing and payment headaches, and automate recurring tasks — freeing you up to build the future of your program.

Find out how, with a live demo that unpacks:

  • Multi-location management
  • Easy online enrollments and lead management
  • Automatic billing and payment processing
  • Seamless teacher and parent engagement
  • Robust reporting and accounting integration
  • And more…

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