Put a World-class Food Service System on the Menu

Serve Up Simplicity, Efficiency and Effectiveness in Your Cafeteria

Difficulty reconciling payments, system down time and poor customer service are headaches your food service program would love to avoid. 

These hassles make life tougher for staff and students, but there’s a solution to help you conquer them. The powerful combination of Vanco and Meal Magic brings simplified reporting, improved system reliability, fast and friendly customer service and lightning-fast reconciliation to your cafeteria menu. 

Our on-demand webinar, Put a More Reliable & Efficient Food Service System on the Menu, shows you how to avoid common cafeteria headaches and: 

  • 🏫 Simplify your food service tech stack across the district  
  • 🚀 Improve system reliability in the cafeteria  
  • Enjoy lightning-fast reconciliation: transactions are batched at midnight, and never split across days 
  • 🍎 Delight nutrition directors with efficient lunches and easy management for free & reduced meals 
  • 📊 Delight the business office with fund-based accounting and impressively-simple reporting 
  • 📞 Get world-class support for the cafeteria staff and admin office  

Watch this on-demand webinar anytime, anywhere from any device to get the inside scoop on a food service system that will make life easier for your entire district.

Watch the webinar!