Tips for a Successful Spring Semester

Tips for a Successful Spring Semester

Ace the Busy End-of-Year with these RevTrak Resources

Make sure your district is set up for a successful end-of-year. It’s a busy time and RevTrak is a great resource to help students, staff and parents close out the year on a positive note with all the great year-end activities.  

Watch our Training Webinar: Tips for a Successful Spring Semester. We highlight some of RevTrak’s most helpful tools for your district as you navigate the spring semester busyness highlighted by final exams, graduation and other activities. In this webinar, will talk about: 

  • Tips for Preparing for Spring Activities  
  • Simplifying Fee Assignments  
  • Preparing for Prom and Spring Fundraisers  
  • Preparing for Graduation  
  • Resources for Encouraging Families to Pay Online (including a Parent FAQ Page) 

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