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My name is Sarah Kautz, and I am the chief financial officer for the Waukee School District in Waukee Iowa.

We are a school district of about 12,000 students, one of the fastest growing districts in the State of Iowa and in the United States, and we have been working with Vanco Education and the RevTrak Web Store for nearly 12 years.

Families move out to this area for the school district and kind of the quality of life.

You know, it's a... It's a great community. It's safe.

You know there's a lot of opportunities for kids.

Our families have high expectations for the district with COVID and with all of the changes for how events and activities are.

We've just had a lot of cancellations, and when we have parents able to pay fees and activities on the Web Store, and that ends up getting cancelled, we can do refunds, you know hundreds or even a thousand refunds very quickly through RevTrak.

And that's a lot easier for families to get those funds back, and they expect them back quickly.

Believe me, if there's an activity or an event canceled that they've paid for through the district, they expect those funds back very quickly.

And we can do that with RevTrak ,and that makes our families very happy, and it makes the business office happy because we're not cutting checks back to families and mailing them out.

It's done with, you know, two clicks, and so that's been something that's been really helpful recently.

In the last six months, our district went to a one-to-one with our students, meaning that every student was issued an Apple laptop or Ipad.

You know we've got 12,000 students with those devices.

There's cords missing, damage to the screens.

We assess fines for damaged and lost items, and so the sheer volume of those has been very overwhelming for us to manage in the business office, but what we're doing is we're using our PowerSchool application to assess fees.

Then parents are able to go into the Web Store and pay those fines and damage fees for those devices, and as you can imagine the sheer dollar amount of those is significant.

And so the quicker we can get those fees paid by the parents, it benefits the district, and so that's been a great help for us.

We have great service. My entire staff says how great it is to work with RevTrak.

Very quick turnaround for changes to the Web Store.

We have questions, you know, we, they get back to us very quickly.

It's just such a smooth seamless relationship.

I wish all of our vendor relationships were this easy, and I’ve said that before, and I mean that.


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