Church Giving Benchmarked – Insights from 25,000 Churches

Download the Most Comprehensive Church Giving Benchmark Data & Insights!

Church Giving Benchmarked – Insights from 25,000 Churches

Ever wondered how your church's giving compares to others? We've got the answer with our one-of-a-kind report. Dive into giving benchmarks from 25,000 churches and access… 

Benchmarks and Planning 
Imagine knowing exactly where your church stands in the giving landscape. With our benchmarking context, you won't have to guess anymore. See how your church measures up and chart your path with confidence. 

By the Numbers

We’ve analyzed detailed giving data from the 25,000+ churches we work to bring you an in-depth understanding of online giving trends and how they impact your church. 

Free Resources 

Think we're just going to leave you with a ton of data? Think again! We're providing resources, free kits, eBooks and guides. Everything you need to put those insights into action. 

So, are you ready to unlock your church's giving potential? Dive into our report today! You won't believe what you'll discover. 

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