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Treasure Chest - Church Skills Survey BlogThinking about conducting a church skills survey? Now's the perfect time. This is especially true when you consider it’s easier than ever for members to focus on taking and not giving.  

But Christians believe everything we have belongs to God, so generosity should be easy, right? Let our church talent survey form encourage members to honor God with their gifts. And, use it to gain valuable insights on where members of your flock can contribute the most. 

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Church Time & Talent Survey Forms 

Before you introduce your church skills survey, include a short introduction like the one below. This introduction will help frame the purpose for the survey and inspire members to give thoughtful answers.  

Survey Introduction: The apostle Paul wrote, “Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” (1 Cor. 10:31) That means that we can glorify God with every action we take. This survey will help you find ways to steward your God-given time and talents in a way that supports Christ. 

Church Time Survey Form 

Before we get to the church talent survey form, we wanted to include a questionnaire. This questionnaire will help your church better understand the obstacles that stand in the way of members volunteering. Once you understand these obstacles, you can work to remove them, allowing your church to reap the rewards of active volunteers. 

Which of these statements best describe your church attendance? 

  1. I hardly ever attend. 
  2. I attend occasionally. 
  3. I attend regularly. 
  4. I attend frequently. 
  5. I almost always attend. 

Which of these statements best describes how you feel about your involvement in your church? 

  1. I’m not involved at all, and I don’t want to be. 
  2. I’m not involved, but I would like to be. 
  3. I’m already involved but would like to be more involved. 
  4. I’m as involved as I can be. 
  5. I’m involved in so many ministries that I feel burned out. 

Which of these statements describe what prevents you from getting involved in your church? Circle all that apply. 

  • I’m too busy. 
  • I have too many health problems to help. 
  • I’m concerned about getting COVID. 
  • I’m hurt/offended by someone at church. 
  • I don’t know how I can help. 
  • I don’t believe it’s important. 
  • I’m overwhelmed with all my church activities already. 
  • I’ve been involved before and need some time to rest. 
  • Nothing prevents me from getting involved. 
  • Other (Please describe). 

Stewarding our personal time with God is even more important than our involvement in church. How much time do you spend in your personal life with God (Prayer, Bible reading, family devotions, etc.)? 

  1. 0–15 minutes/day 
  2. 15–30 minutes/day 
  3. 30–45 minutes/day 
  4. 45 minutes–1 hour/day 
  5. More than 1 hour/day 

Ask God to show you ways that you can steward your time better, then take a moment to listen. What did you hear? 


Church Talent Survey Form 

This church skills survey helps you to better understand the talent your ministry can tap into for volunteer programs. When using this form, you can copy and paste it into a Word document to distribute during church services, or you can copy and paste the questions into an online survey tool, such as SurveyMonkey. 

How aware do you feel you are of the ministry opportunities we have at our church? 

  1. I’m not aware at all. 
  2. I know of a few, but not many. 
  3. I’m not sure. 
  4. I’m aware of most of our ministries. 
  5. I’m aware of all of our ministries. 

Please describe any skills/talents/gifts that you have. 


If you’re not sure what talents you have that could be useful to the church, how interested would you be in a teaching about uncovering your gifts (i.e., a sermon series, Sunday school course, etc.)? 

  1. Not interested at all 
  2. Somewhat interested 
  3. I’m not sure 
  4. Interested 
  5. Very interested 

What ministries would you be interested in joining? (Churches have many different ministries, so tailor this list to your church’s ministries before giving this survey to your members.) 

  • Children’s ministry 
  • Youth ministry 
  • Praise and worship 
  • Sunday school 
  • Prayer team 
  • Tech team 
  • Greeter/Usher 
  • Security 
  • Parking assistance 
  • Custodial duties 
  • Meal services 
  • Transportation ministry 
  • Reading of Scripture 
  • Distributing the sacraments 
  • Devotional writing 
  • Card writing 
  • Prayer blankets 

Do you have any ideas for a new ministry that our church should create? If so, please describe it. 


Take a moment to ask God what gifts you have that he would like you to use for his kingdom, then listen for him to answer. What did you hear? 



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Free Church Survey Templates

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