Meet Vanco Mobile, the new app for your church.

Use Vanco Mobile for your church giving, RSVPing for events and activities, communicating with fellow members and much more.

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An All-In-One App for Church Members

Vanco Mobile helps members like you support your church by giving to its missions, connecting with other members and staying up to date on what’s happening within the church. Here are just a few of the amazing features you have access to within the Vanco Mobile app:


Online Giving

Use Vanco Mobile for your financial support of the church, just as you did with GivePlus Mobile. You can use it for recurring or one-time contributions and payments. You can log in using your GivePlus Mobile username and password if you already have one or set up your account in minutes.


An Online Church Directory

Vanco Mobile lets you easily connect with others in your congregations using our safe and secure online directory. The directory allows you as a member to create a profile within minutes, and it has multiple privacy settings for your information.


Online Church Group Management

Are you a part of a church group or committee like Bible study and prayer ministries? Now you can communicate with your fellow members within Vanco Mobile. This makes sharing and receiving virtual meeting details notes and groups chats easier.

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Private Chat

As a member sometimes you need to have a private conversation with church staff. Talk with your pastor or church staff discreetly in Vanco Mobile.


A Central Hub for Virtual Worship

There are many reasons member attend church virtually. Whatever your reason, you can now feel like you’re participating fully from anywhere. Vanco Mobile is your portable church hub. Your church can post online bulletins, sermon notes and Zoom links, and you can access them in the app.



Engaging in your church community with Vanco Mobile is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Download the Vanco Mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Find your church and log in using your GivePlus Mobile username and password. Or set up your user account in minutes.
  3. Give, chat or RSVP to an event!

Church has changed. See how Vanco Mobile helps.

Have questions? We have answers.