Tell your story and inspire generosity with Vanco Online

Every online giving provider should make donating simple and convenient. But for Vanco, those are just the table stakes. Don’t limit your important causes to dropdown menus. Inspire your members by spotlighting why each cause exists and how their dollars will make a difference.

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Turn The Payment Experience Into a Giving Experience.

We believe when church members give to a cause, it shouldn’t feel transactional. It should light them up. Vanco Online inspires members to give by helping them envision how their dollars will make an impact.


Increased Generosity

Amplify your causes in a way that helps members envision the impact their gifts will have.



Ease of setup and ease of use for both church staff and members.

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Rest assured that every dollar is directed to its intended cause.

With Vanco Online’s integration to my Church management system, it was simple to route each donation to its intended cause. Reconciling donations no longer takes two days. It takes 45 minutes.”
Donna Hurst

Head of Finance and Accounting

Treasure Valley Baptist Church

Find the Online Giving Plan that Elevates Your Mission

Chat with a dedicated giving consultant and discover the best combination of Vanco’s eGiving products to reach your members where they want to give.

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