The Ultimate Kit to Break the Summer Church Giving Slump

Get Everything Your Church Needs to Boost Giving This Summer

Each summer, thousands of churches experience a giving slump when their members – and their wallets – attend services less often. Download the complete kit that will help your church end the summer slump once and for all!

  • 10 Ways to Beat the Summer Giving Slump (the Guide)
  • Summer eGiving Bulleting Insert
  • Summer eGiving Bulletin Message Template
  • Summer eGiving Email Template
  • Summer eGiving Request for Donation Letter Template
  • I Give Electronically Cards
  • An eGiving PowerPoint
  • Social Media Post Templates for Summer


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8 Tools to Increase Church Giving This Summer

Here’s a preview of the eight tools you’ll need to beat the dreaded church giving slump for good.

1) 9 Ways to Beat the Summer Giving Slump

After working with 22,000 churches (and counting) for more than 20-plus summers to grow online giving, we’ve learned what inspires generosity. This summer follow our nine guidelines when building your own financial stewardship campaign.

2) Summer Giving Bulletin Insert

One of the best ways to thwart a church giving slump is with recurring giving. Include this insert in your church bulletins before summer to ensure your members’ donations don’t take a vacation.

3) Bulletin eGiving Message

By simply calling out your eGiving options before the summer break, you’ll help your church avoid the dreaded church giving slump. Use our copy-and-paste message to remind users of your eGiving options this spring. All you have to do is copy the message, update the information within the brackets and print it off.

4) Summer Giving Email Template

Email is a powerful tool that can help you reach your members. That’s why we created an email template that makes requesting donations from givers simple. All you need to do is copy the message, update the snippets of text within the brackets and send the email out!

5) Request for Donation Letter Template

For some churchgoers, a letter offers the personal touch needed to inspire generosity. Help your congregation express their generosity all summer long by sending a letter through the mail to your members. Simply fill in the bracketed sections to update the message for your church.

6) “I Give Electronically” Cards

Even though your eGivers can express their generosity online, they miss out on the experience of placing their contribution in the collection plate when it’s passed. Include them in the experience by printing out our “I give electronically” cards and placing them in church pews for eGivers to put in the offering plate. The cards may not seem like much, but they’re an easy way to include your eGivers. They are also a great way to raise awareness of your eGiving options.

7) An eGiving PowerPoint

By displaying these messages on your church’s monitors or projectors, you can encourage giving and direct churchgoers through their available giving options. We’ve found that displaying the messages before and after church services start or during offering can really help churchgoers understand the giving options available to them, increasing their chances of donating.

8) Social Media Post Templates for Summer

Many of your members are on social media. Reach out to them while they are away with these copy-and-paste messages designed for each of your social media channels.

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