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K-12 Payment Platform Vanco and Incident IQ Announce Integration

Vanco, the maker of the industry-leading school payments platform, is happy to announce a new integration with Incident IQ, the market leaders in K-12 workflow management software.

Through Vanco, thousands of school districts streamline student payments for fees, event tickets, food, testing, club and team registration and all other school fees. With Vanco, payments are easy for parents to make, and accounting is simple for district staff.

Now Vanco client districts can integrate with the powerful Incident IQ platform directly and make managing technology-related fees and payments easier than ever before.

With the integration between Vanco and Incident IQ, K-12 districts can easily track IT-related fees by attaching fees and payments to users, assets, or help tickets. Districts can generate invoices, automate emails to staff about balances and keep staff and parents up to date on outstanding fees.

Using Vanco and Incident IQ together, K-12 districts will simplify oversight of student devices, and IT staff can add and modify fees students owe. All of this can be accomplished with just a few clicks.

“K-12 districts rely on technology assets more than ever before to educate students,” said Dan Gretz, Vanco VP of Strategic Partnerships. “It’s imperative that districts have a smooth way of assigning fees to students and tracking the progress of IT tickets, for things like cracked screens and laptop maintenance. Integrating Incident IQ into Vanco will save districts time and ensure fast payments and easy reconciliation, allowing K-12 districts to spend more time focusing on what they do best — educating — and far less time on asset administration.”

Incident IQ is a workflow management platform used in districts supporting millions of students and teachers to manage support workflows and technology assets.

"Vanco and Incident IQ are both widely used and recognized as leaders in K-12 payments and workflow management,” says Patrick Bennett, Incident IQ VP of Customer Success. "The value of bringing our two solutions together is obvious. Together, we offer district staff significant time savings, and ensure that fees are assessed and paid quickly.”

This integration is available for K-12 districts now. Vanco recommends districts interested in implementing the integration get started now, so they can be ready to successfully manage their technology assets when the coming school year starts. Vanco school districts are encouraged to learn more by setting up a demonstration today.



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