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Vanco Payments announces strategic partnership with Faith Park



SUBJECT: Innovative collaboration to enhance church parking lot management and giving solutions 
DATE: Feb. 6, 2024    

Bloomington, Minn.   Vanco Payments, a leading provider of online payment solutions for faith-based organizations, nonprofits, schools and community groups, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Faith Park, a pioneering service enabling churches to efficiently manage and monetize their parking spaces.

"We are thrilled to partner with Faith Park. Their innovative approach to utilizing church parking lots aligns perfectly with our mission to provide comprehensive and easy-to-use payment and donation tools for faith organizations,” Vanco Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Dan Gretz  said. “We’re excited about the possibilities this collaboration opens up for both our organizations and the churches we serve."   

This partnership marks a significant step in Vanco's mission to empower churches and faith-based organizations with cutting-edge financial technology. With over 30 years of experience and trust from more than 45,000 organizations nationwide, Vanco specializes in simplifying giving and payment processes, allowing organizations to focus more on their community impact. 

Faith Park, known for its innovative approach to church parking lot management, offers an intuitive platform for churches to sell parking space, leveraging their unused assets to generate additional revenue. Having successfully operated for over five years, Faith Park's integration with Vanco's payment solutions will streamline the payments process, offering a more robust and efficient experience for both churches and their communities. 

"Collaborating with Vanco is a game-changer for us at Faith Park. Their expertise in payment solutions, combined with our unique parking management system, will revolutionize how churches approach their underutilized spaces,” Faith Park CEO Mitch Carter said. “This partnership is not just about enhancing operational efficiency; it's about opening new avenues for churches to support their missions and serve their communities better." 

The partnership is expected to provide mutual benefits, with Faith Park gaining access to Vanco's robust payment processing capabilities, and Vanco enriching its service offerings to faith organizations. The collaboration aligns with both organizations' goals of supporting faith communities in innovative and meaningful ways. 

For more information about Vanco Payments and their services, please visit Vanco's website. Details about Faith Park and its services can be found at Faith Park's website. 


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