Make it easier for your customers to pay you

When you offer your customers online, text and card reader payment options, they can more conveniently pay for your services.

My business is ready for customer-friendly electronic payments!

What Customers are Saying

“The transition to Vanco was seamless for my office and the continued customer service that we receive is truly first-rate. I don’t know why or how I managed a practice all those years with coupon books and invoices.”

Reed Orthodontics — Pittsburgh, PA

“I have always found the folks at Vanco to be the most helpful. This was especially true when I was just getting oriented to your payment processing system. You have been proactive in our needs and I have found your hosted online payments page very friendly.”

Notre Dame de La Salette - Georgetown, Illinois

“The changes we have made in applying payments from Vanco has helped tremendously. It took a job of over 2 hours a day, down to seconds. The payments are automatically posted, and we just watch for the deposit in the bank. It could not be simpler.”

Permanent General Companies, Inc. - Nashville, TN

“Vanco makes the automatic payment process simple and a breeze to manage. The time saved posting payments and the follow-up on those ‘forgotten’ payments is immeasurable. The benefits of Vanco far outweigh the cost.”

Noel Orthodontics — Oregon City, OR