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School meal solutions made easy

Make meals more efficient with the perfect meal payment solution.



Accelerate your meal program

Speed up lunch lines, automatically build reports and save your cafeteria staff countless hours of work with our software.

Student & member information

Create and maintain a secure database of important student and member information.

Easy-to-use point-of-sale software & hardware

Prevent long lines with user-friendly
software & hardware. Train directors in under 60-min and food service support staff in under 15-min.

Consolidate reporting

Allow schools to track all meal payments, inventory and more all in one place.

Save time with meal pre-ordering features

Place your menu online for students to select meals in advance.

Speed up meal lines

With biometric scanning and ID cards, schools can increase checkout speed.

Eliminate the tracking headaches

Reduce student calls by giving them a solution they can access and monitor spending.

Schedule your demo

See our software in action. Learn how to streamline and automate administrative tasks to remove stress and free up your day for what’s important - offering the best for your students and faculty!