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Watch the video below to see how Smartcare makes school child care programs easier.

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Save your school or district countless hours each week on the administration of their child care programs. All you have to do is follow three easy steps. 

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What's Included in Smartcare's Software?

Smartcare has several powerful tools that help schools or districts streamline the administration of child care programs. A few of these amazing tools and features include...

  • A smartphone app for parents to manage autopay, check-ins and scheduling. 

  • Automated invoices and payment tracking to make record keeping simple.

  • A cloud-based scheduling system that allows admins to make easy adjustments, while offering flexibility for parents.

  • Online enrollment and attendance tracking that can easily be managed from a tablet, smartphone or computer.

  • Parent-teacher communication capabilities that make texting, emailing and sharing updates easy for admins.

  • Split payment capabilities to account for agency subsidies and multiple households.
  • Automated reporting that makes it easy to track reports on enrollment, regulatory compliance, cost trends and more.

  • A contactless check-in and check-out system.

  • And Much More!

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