Joyful Celebrations: Free Christmas Videos for Church Services

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This Christmas season, add a new dimension to your sermons with Christmas videos for church. Videos can do so much for your church — from welcoming members and visitors, counting down to the start of your service and explaining the Christmas message through video, music and sermons. 

This year, use Christmas videos for church services to engage your congregation, from regular attendees in the building, to virtual attendees online and potential new members, who are all seeking inspiration and community. 

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Accessing Free Christmas Videos for Church 


Accessing Free Christmas Videos for Church

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Church attendance isn't what it was years ago. However, Christmas is one of two occasions where attendance often soars. And it often includes non-churchgoers who are happy to attend services if they’re invited. 

It's a unique opportunity to captivate a larger audience. Why not make first-timers regular attendees? 

Christmas videos for church can increase engagement and support your key messages for the season. 

Here are a few ways you can incorporate them. 


Welcomes: Make a Lasting First Impression

A warm welcome to your church is the first step in making a great impression. A Christmas welcome video will touch both old and new parishioners and set a joyful tone for the season's services. 

You can loop these festive, free Christmas videos for church to welcome church attendees. 


Creating a welcome video adds a personal touch that can be truly meaningful to those watching. There are also ways you can make it warm and inclusive. 


Countdowns: Counters to Christmas Services

Every year, your church members have an opportunity to experience hope. It's a time of year when they won't want to miss hearing God's teachings. Church countdowns ensure they know when your service will begin. 

You also can customize these timers to serve as a reminder of the reason for the season. Here are a few you can incorporate into your service: 

You can also create your own. 


Christmas-Themed Videos: Highlight the Reason for the Season

Child holding a Bible with a lit Christmas tree in the background

It's easy to get caught up in the gift-giving and merriment of the season. However, it's important to remember that it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus. There are many creative ways church videos depict the Nativity and the spirit of the season. 

Here are a few Christmas videos for church services to share with your congregation: 


Music: The Harmonies to Inspire

Many Christmas songs depict the message and miracle of Christ's birth. Hearing them performed by a choir can be a spine-tingling, emotional experience. Recorded performances may not have the same impact as live ones but can be just as powerful. 

It's also a great opportunity to share the history behind some of these beautiful songs. Here are a few videos you can share with church attendees: 


Sermons: Drive the Christmas Message Home

Sermons are a fundamental part of every church service. They provide the opportunity to share and interpret God's words with your congregation. 

Sermons arguably become even more important during the Christmas season because many attendees will be hearing your words for the first time. 

Sharing, caring and goodwill to others are some of the key messages of Christ's birth. Video sermons can help you reinforce them. They impact not only those physically present but those tuning in online as well. 

Some free Christmas sermons include outlines and transcripts. Others follow a particular theme. These samples can serve as guides to help you craft your personalized message. 


Unleash the Power of Video in Your Church This Christmas

As we've explored, the Christmas season is a golden opportunity to deepen engagement and touch hearts like never before. But why stop at just knowing? It's time to act and transform your church's Christmas experience. 

Imagine the impact of vibrant welcome videos, inspiring countdowns, heartwarming Christmas-themed videos, harmonious music and powerful sermons. Each element is a thread in the rich tapestry of your church's Christmas celebration, woven together to create an unforgettable experience. 


Now, let's turn that imagination into reality. Vanco's YouTube page is your treasure trove, bursting with a plethora of intro videos, timers, holiday specials and so much more. But that's just the beginning. Our in-house experts, seasoned with decades of experience, have crafted guides that are nothing short of a masterclass in church growth and engagement. 

Seize this moment. Dive into our resources and watch as your church transforms, not just for this Christmas, but for your routine services each week. Remember — the church that embraces innovation and heartfelt storytelling is the church that thrives. 

Discover the magic of video! 

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