Free and Engaging Good Friday Videos for Church Services

Image of the cross to celebrate Good Friday

As we approach Good Friday, it is important to find meaningful ways to honor the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. One powerful way to do this is by incorporating impactful videos into your church service. These religious videos can captivate hearts, stir emotions and deepen the spiritual experience for congregants.

There are a lot of great Good Friday videos for church out there, but we want to help you find the free ones. 

Whether you're looking for poignant portrayals of biblical characters or contemporary reflections on forgiveness and sacrifice, we've got you covered with these resources. Keep reading to find engaging Good Friday videos for church that you can use with your sermon. 

Good Friday Videos 

Here are some sources of Good Friday videos that you can use. 

Vanco’s Free Good Friday Intro  

Help members and guests experience the solemn reflection and deep gratitude of Good Friday during your service with Vanco’s free, poignant video. Crafted to evoke the profound significance of this day, the video is a moving tribute to the sacrifice and love that Good Friday symbolizes. It’s an ideal opener for services or sermons, inviting the congregation to engage in thoughtful contemplation and reverence. This video serves as a powerful reminder of the depth and strength of faith, guiding the congregation through one of the most important observances in the Christian calendar. The video is free to stream on YouTube whenever you need it.  


Creation Swap Good Friday Videos for Church

Creation Swap is a great resource for finding free and engaging Good Friday videos for church services. They offer a wide variety of high-quality videos that can help bring the message of Good Friday to life in a meaningful way. 

Igniter Media Collection 

The Igniter Media Collection offers a wide range of powerful and visually captivating videos for your Good Friday church service. From dramatic retellings of the crucifixion to inspiring stories of redemption, these videos will engage your congregation and deepen their understanding of Christ's sacrifice. 

You can try their videos with a free 30-day trial. After that, there is a cost. 

Sunday's Coming” is one of the great Good Friday videos for your church that you can find in the Igniter Media Collection. 

As we reflect on Good Friday's somber and profound events, it can be easy to get caught up in the darkness and sorrow. But as Christians, we know that Sunday is coming. The resurrection of Jesus Christ brings hope, joy and victory over sin and death. 

Moving Works Films

Moving Works Films is another excellent resource for free and engaging Good Friday videos that can be used in church services. This organization focuses on producing high-quality short films that tell powerful stories of faith and redemption. 

Consider incorporating these free and engaging videos into your program when planning your upcoming Good Friday church services. 


If you want to create your own videos, FlexClip is a user-friendly video creation platform that allows you to easily create stunning videos. They provide stock images, music and more. 

FlexClip's free plan gives you space for 12 projects to experiment with! Enjoy 480p downloads and include one stock video per project to explore basic video editing features. 

Passion City Church 

As we reflect on the significance of Good Friday, it's important to ask ourselves, “What’s so good about Good Friday?”After all, it marks the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. 

It seems like a somber and sorrowful event that we commemorate each year. However, despite the darkness surrounding Good Friday, there is hope and redemption in its message. 

While you're welcome to use Passion City Church’s "What's so Good about Good Friday?" as Good Friday videos for your church, the music in the video may pose copyright issues during livestreams. Be sure to obtain the necessary permissions or choose alternative content for live broadcast worship services. 


Amplify Good Friday Services with Vanco's Free Resources

As you gear up for Good Friday, it's not just about following traditions; it's about creating an experience that resonates on a deeper level with your congregation. And here's the thing: traditional methods might not cut it anymore. You need something that speaks directly to today's audiences, and this is where Vanco steps in. 

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Think about it. You have access to a wide array of dynamic videos and resources right from Vanco's YouTube page. This isn't just about adding flair to your services; it's about connecting with your congregation in a way that's both meaningful and modern. We're talking about intros, timers and specialized holiday content that's not just visually appealing but also emotionally engaging. 

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