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Church Retreat Survey Questions Blog - Hands in a huddleHaving the right church retreat survey questions will help you improve activities. For churches hoping to grow, you'll need feedback to understand where your church retreat was a success and where it didn't live up to expectations. 

Unfortunately, many churches don't take the time to get this vital feedback. They fail to take surveys because of one of two reasons.

1) Constructive criticism can be unpleasant.

Criticism can be an unpleasant pill to swallow. That's why it's important not to take it personally. Your church retreat attendees appreciate your efforts. They offer criticism only because they care about the church community and want it to grow.

If you view it through this lens, it's less about criticism and more about helping. 

2) Building a survey can be hard.

Building church retreat survey questions takes time. That's why our team created a simple template you can use to gather vital insights to improve your retreats. 


Church Retreat Survey Questions & Template

Be sure to have your participants answer the following questions about their experience below. Whether you're distributing the church survey through printouts or online, offer clear instructions for accessing it.

You'll also want to request candid feedback, encouraging your members to answer the church retreat survey questions candidly. Underscore the importance of the feedback. Explain how the criticism will help you improve and why it will help the church.

 1. Were your expectations met in terms of pacing, activities, worship, time for rest, etc.?  

  • Expectations were not met at all  
  • Expectations were somewhat met  
  • I had no expectations  
  • Expectations were met  
  • Expectations were exceeded  

2. What was your favorite part about the church retreat? 

  • Connecting with other believers  
  • Worshipping God  
  • Spending time in nature/enjoying the location  
  • Participating in activities  
  • Having time for personal reflection  
  • Resting  
  • Having time away from work/other responsibilities  
  • Deepening my relationship with Christ 
  • Other  

3. In what areas does the church retreat need improving? 

Leave this an open-ended question. If you start listing suggestions here, the attendants might remember to nitpick about small things. In the long run, this isn’t helpful.  

If there was anything they disliked, it would probably stick out in their mind.  

4. On a scale of one to five, how would you rate the location of the church retreat? 

  1. I did not like it  
  2. It was okay  
  3. Uncertain  
  4. I liked it  
  5. I loved it  

5. Would you be interested in returning to this location for future church retreats? 

  • Yes  
  • No 

6. Do you have suggestions for future church retreat locations? 

Pay attention to where your participants are saying they’d like to go next time. Are they farther or closer away than the current location?  

You may draw a bigger crowd next time by setting the location closer to home. Search “church retreat locations near me” for some ideas. 

7. On a scale of one to five, how would you rate the activities? 

  1. I did not like them  
  2. They were okay  
  3. Uncertain  
  4. I liked them 
  5. I loved them  


8. Do you have suggestions for activities we could do at future church retreats? 

9. What did you think of the duration of the church retreat? 

  • It was way too short  
  • A little too short  
  • It was just right  
  • It was a little too long  
  • It was way too long  

10. Choose true or false about the following statements:

  • The pastors/church leaders did a good job of setting the spiritual tone for the church retreat  
  • The retreat had a good balance of activities, rest, introspection and worship  
  • The Bible study was beneficial to my faith  
  • I feel refreshed and spiritually renewed after this church retreat  
  • I would like to come to another retreat in the future  

Note: You can also add or omit these church retreat survey questions as you see fit. 

11. Do you have any more comments to add to this Church Retreat Survey  questionnaire? 


Good Luck on Your Church Retreat Survey

Your believers need solitude from outside distractions, carving out much needed time and space for rest. Make sure your missions reach their goals by using our church retreat survey questions to gauge success. If you find these questions don't fit your exact needs, please adjust them as you see fit. 

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Church surveys are valuable for every church. The feedback you get from these church survey questions provide valuable insights. Unfortunately, building the church survey questions takes time, which you are short on. That’s why we built  Word Document templates for every church survey you could ever use. All you need to do is download the 18 printable church survey templates, which won’t cost you a thing! 

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