Engaging Men's Ministry Ideas for Churches

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Are you looking to revamp your men's ministry with creative new ideas? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This guide gives you some of the most innovative and engaging ways to support men’s spiritual growth, education and fellowship at your church. 

Men’s ministry is an essential aspect of church life. It’s important that the men in your congregation feel seen and supported by your community. Whether it’s through outdoor activities, technology, service projects or mentorship programs, your church can provide men with a safe and supportive environment where they can learn, grow and connect with each other. 

In addition to men’s ministry ideas, we’ve also included a frequently asked questions (FAQs) section that covers issues like balancing the spiritual and social aspects of men's ministry and how to engage younger men in church activities. Let’s dive in. 

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Importance of Men’s Ministry Ideas in Modern Churches

The role of men's ministry is to address the unique needs of men in the congregation. Keeping this ministry fresh and engaging is critical for the long-term health and success of any congregation. Men’s ministry provides a way for men to navigate important concepts in modern society, like masculinity in a supportive community. As with women, men can form and experience unique bonds to support each other in their spiritual walks. This camaraderie and brotherhood can be critical during hard times. Men’s ministry ideas can range across many projects and activities, but the ultimate goal is to put men in situations where they can grow closer to each other. These events and experiences give men the opportunity to support each other through challenges and cheer each other on for their accomplishments. 

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Targeting the Unique Needs of Men in the Congregation

Men have a number of unique needs that can be met through specific ministry events and activities. Spiritual growth, mentorship, accountability and even physical wellness are all areas of critical importance to men living fulfilled lives. The problem is that so many men neglect these areas, wishing they could do better but not knowing where to start. Men’s ministry events can give them that place to start. Below, we list many ideas for creating these events. Learn more about turning these ideas into action! Download our FREE church event guide today. 


Innovative Men’s Ministry Ideas  

Mens Ministry Playing Soccer

When it comes to men’s ministry, being creative is important because it helps keep the ministry fresh and supports church growth. By implementing innovative men’s ministry activity ideas, you make it more likely that the men in your church will participate and engage. This can help them grow in their faith journeys and build meaningful relationships with other men in the congregation. 

Creativity is also vital for men's ministry because it enables you to develop a wider variety of events for different men, different age groups and different preferences and abilities. Men with various tastes and backgrounds may not all be interested in the same activities. Instead, use the ideas in this guide to set up multiple activities to ensure maximum participation and support as many men as possible. 

Outdoor and Adventure Activities 

Outdoor and adventure activities are an exciting way to engage men in your church’s ministry. This is especially true with the fact that we are now spending 90% or more of our time indoors. It can be very compelling to set up an opportunity to get out and enjoy God’s creation. Give men the opportunity to reconnect with nature and connect with each other in a unique and refreshing way. All you need is a schedule, transportation and the necessary equipment. You could go hiking, camping, or fishing — just be sure to have the right licenses and choose the right locations. These kinds of activities promote physical wellness, teamwork and bonding among the men in your church. Plus, getting a small group out into nature, free of distractions, presents an excellent opportunity for meaningful conversations about faith and life.   

Technology and Faith  

You may have some tech-savvy men in your church. Consider incorporating technology and using some of these tech-inspired men's ministry ideas: 

  • Build an online Bible study group 
  • Create a social media group 
  • Start a podcast 
  • Host a virtual event 

One of the greatest things about technology is its ability to bring people together. Some of the men in your group may travel, or they may not be able to attend in-person events as often as they would like. Online Bible studies, social media groups and Zoom-based virtual events can be great ways to keep everyone in touch and connected. You can also start your own men's ministry podcast. Have a volunteer run the show, and invite guests from your community or speakers, writers and thought leaders who can speak to men’s needs. 

Service and Volunteer Projects  

God calls us to serve those in need, and service and volunteer projects provide an excellent opportunity for men to fulfill this call. The work and effort that goes into volunteering can provide lifelong lessons for men that can help them build stronger relationships and demonstrate love to those in need. Service projects can range from a simple neighborhood cleanup to a more involved project like building a home for a family. 

One practical example of a service or volunteering project is organizing a food drive for a local shelter or food pantry. This project can be done in several ways. Create a list of food items that are needed and distribute them to the congregation. Encourage the men to donate as many items as possible and set a deadline for collecting the donations. Once all the donations are collected, organize a group of men to deliver the items to the shelter. 


Spiritual Growth and Education  

Man Praying with Bible

Men’s ministry should not just be about socializing, although that is a critical part of any good ministry. A great program will also support the spiritual growth and education of men in the congregation. Men often face unique challenges that require them to develop a strong sense of faith and spirituality to navigate. They may be facing peer pressure at work or in some other part of their lives that may be difficult to resist. Many men are called on to be spiritual leaders in their families and communities but do not always have the deep understanding of their faith that they need. This is where men's ministry activities focused on spiritual education come in. 

Bible studies and workshops can help men dive deeper into scripture and explore its application to their lives. By studying and discussing the Bible together, men can gain a better understanding of God’s Word and get help working through their unique experiences and challenges. Practical workshops provide an opportunity for men to explore how their faith can guide them in their various roles as husbands, spiritual fathers and community leaders. These workshops can be great opportunities to learn about effective communication, conflict resolution and other skills to help them grow and develop. 


Bible Study Formats and Topics  

Make sure your Bible studies aren’t stale and formal. There are many different formats and topics to keep things fresh, for example: 

  • Focus on a specific book of the Bible 
  • Focus on a specific topic (prayer, forgiveness or relationships) 
  • Do a character study (David, Joseph, Paul or any other figure) 
  • Watch a video series like “The Bible Project” and discuss it 
  • Offer short daily devotionals 

No matter what format or topic you choose, the most important thing is to create a welcoming and supportive environment where men can grow in their faith and build meaningful relationships with each other. 

Workshops and Seminars on Faith, Family and Career

Workshops bring men into practical discussions on their real-life challenges and strengths. Some ideas for workshop topics include: 

  • Balancing work and family 
  • Navigating workplace ethics and values 
  • Building healthy relationships in marriage and family 
  • Developing a strong spiritual life 
  • Finding purpose and meaning in your career 
  • Understanding and integrating faith into your daily life 

These workshops can be led by experts in different fields and provide opportunities for networking, learning and personal growth. 


Fellowship and Bonding Activities Two Men Smiling During Bible Study

As you look to build a vibrant church community, ensure that your men's ministry includes fellowship and bonding activities. These activities can take many forms, including outdoor activities, sports leagues, mission projects or service projects. By offering these activities, you can give men a sense of belonging and support within their faith community. 

Sports and Recreation Events 

When it comes to coming up with fun activities for guys, you can’t really go wrong with sports. Whether you want to set up your own basketball league or organize a bowling night, physical activity can be an excellent way to engage men and strengthen them in their faith journeys. You could organize a golf outing, a softball tournament or any sport that the men in your congregation are interested in and would enjoy participating in. 

Men’s Retreats 

When it comes to starting a men’s ministry or coming up with men’s ministry activity ideas to freshen up your existing ministry, retreats can provide a great opportunity for fellowship and bonding between men. Wilderness retreats are one popular choice. Take a group of men into the wilderness for a weekend of camping, hiking or other outdoor activities. Or host a spiritual retreat where men can separate themselves from the world’s daily stressors and focus on Bible study, prayer, and other spiritual practices. 


Mentorship and Support Groups  

Another category of men’s ministry ideas is mentorship and support. Over time, many men will face unique challenges and struggles in their lives. They might have issues related to work, family, relationships or their spirituality. Having a mentor or a supportive group of peers can provide men with guidance, accountability and encouragement as they navigate these challenges. 

Mentoring Programs 

Consider establishing mentoring programs in your men's ministry. These could be focused on a variety of topics, including: 

  • Career advice 
  • Father-son relationships 
  • Health and fitness 
  • Financial advice 
  • Spiritual growth 

There are many more mentoring programs you could set up. The main idea is to connect men together in such a way that they can learn from each other’s struggles, help each other and keep each other accountable as they strive to achieve their goals. 

Support Groups for Different Life Stages  

Another option is to offer support groups targeting men in different life stages. For example, you could create a young adult support group, a newly married support group, a midlife support group and a senior support group. These programs can be tailored to the specific needs of each life stage, for example:  

  • The young adult group might discuss and hold events around career development and personal relationships.  
  • The midlife support group might focus on challenges of midlife transitions, empty nest syndrome or aging parents.  
  • The senior group can focus on managing health issues, retirement and other life changes. 

That completes our list of engaging, creative ideas for men’s ministry activities. However, you might still be wondering how to convince the men in your congregation to attend ministry events.   


Engagement and Outreach Strategies 

Mens Ministry on Hiking Trip

Creating engaging and creative men’s ministry events is one thing, but how do you promote these events to encourage participation? Read on for answers.  

Cultivating engagement requires you to create a welcoming environment for all men. Try starting small and then building bigger. Large events involving uncomfortable or out-of-the-ordinary activities might need to wait. Start with small groups and reach out to the younger men to get started. They may be more likely to try something new. Also, consider collaborating with other churches to give your men’s ministry greater exposure. 

Use Social Media and Digital Platforms  

To build awareness about pretty much anything, take advantage of social media and digital platforms. When people want to find details or recent updates from an organization, they almost always check the group’s social media accounts. Keep your social media fresh with plenty of updates, photos and posts describing what you are up to. Highlight your men’s ministry, or even create a custom social media page and group for the ministry. You can then direct your current followers to that page and provide specialized updates on the men’s groups. 

Offer Family Events

Another way to increase engagement and outreach for your men’s ministry is to host family-inclusive events. These events bring together families that include men of all ages and provide a great opportunity to get your upcoming men’s ministry events in front of a large group of your congregation’s men. By including families, you can spur discussion among family members and even offer sign-up opportunities for the next gathering. 

So much for awareness, but what about funding? These events cost money and not all churches have the resources to offer them. Don’t worry, we have you covered. 


Funding and Resources  

Fundraising is an essential component of any men’s ministry because it provides resources to carry out various ministry activities. Without sufficient funds, you’ll find it difficult to plan and execute events, purchase equipment and support other ministry needs. Fundraising helps to ensure that the men’s ministry has the resources it needs to support spiritual growth and education, fellowship and bonding activities. 

Ideas for Fundraising 

There are many fun and unique ideas for fundraising that can help increase donations for your men’s ministry. Here are a few ideas to consider: 

  • Online auction 
  • Car wash 
  • Bake sale 
  • Social media challenge 
  • Online giving 
  • Talent show 
  • Raffle tickets for a chance to win a prize

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We highlighted online giving in our list of ideas for fundraising because according to research from the Blackbaud Institute, in 2021, online giving increased by 15 percent to an average of $204 per donation. If your church does not offer an easy-to-use online donation tool, you could be seriously hindering your fundraising efforts.  


An online payment solution like Vanco’s eGiving is one of the best ways to streamline donations and reduce the administrative burdens associated with traditional cash and check transactions. Plus, Vanco is much more than just a payment processing platform — we are a company dedicated to serving communities. You can use our eGiving solution to manage resources as part of your fundraising for your men’s ministry and use eGiving for all your donation needs. Learn more about how you can enhance your cash flow, ensure timely contributions and expand your reach through the power of online giving. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Silhouette of Mens Ministry Holding Up Hands

How can technology enhance men's ministry?  

Men’s ministries face unique challenges when it comes to convincing busy men to take time out of their schedules to participate. If your men’s ministry seems outdated or out of touch with modern concerns, you will have an even harder time encouraging participation. Technology can enhance your men’s ministry by providing new and innovative ways to connect, engage and educate men in your congregation. Online Bible studies, social media groups, podcasts and virtual events can all be used to bring men together. Plus, technology offers a level of flexibility and convenience that in-person events just can’t. 

What are effective ways to engage younger men in church activities?

Engaging younger men in church activities can sometimes be challenging. Make sure your ministry is present where young men are — get on social media and offer topics that are relevant to them. For instance, set up events focused on dating, career development and technology. Provide opportunities for leadership. You could even set up a ministry leadership conference. Younger men often want their voices heard and to be involved in decision-making. Give them these opportunities. Be authentic. Young men are often skeptical of traditional institutions, so be real and transparent with them. 

Check out our article to learn more about church leadership structure. 

How do we balance spiritual and social aspects in men's ministry? 

Men’s ministry can provide great opportunities for men to socialize and build up their spirituality. Finding a balance between these two goals can be challenging. However, by implementing a wide variety of activities, this is possible. First, make sure your men’s ministry focuses on spiritual growth and development. Always find ways to weave biblical discussions into each of your activities and events. Additionally, ensure that you are providing a good balance of recreational and more serious, heads-down activities. Finally, implement mentorship programs, which can provide the perfect balance between social interaction and spiritual development. 

What are the benefits of men's retreats? 

It’s important to understand the benefits of men’s retreats to design your own retreats effectively and market them to your congregation. They provide an opportunity for men to take a break from their daily routines and responsibilities, allowing them to focus on their own personal growth and development. They also can help men learn new skills in various areas such as stress management, communication and leadership, helping men develop new perspectives. 

How can a church start a men's ministry from scratch?

Starting a men’s ministry from scratch can be daunting at first, but with careful planning and a clear vision, it can be a rewarding experience that benefits the entire church community. Start by praying for guidance and direction, and then focus on building a team of passionate men who share the same vision for the ministry. As ministry leader, be sure to define your mission and goals at the outset and then do the research you need to understand the key components of a successful men’s ministry. Once you are equipped with this knowledge, you can put it into practice by developing your own men’s ministry. 

What role can mentorship play in men's spiritual growth?

Mentorship can play a significant role in men’s spiritual growth by providing guidance, support and accountability from someone who has more experience and wisdom in matters of faith. Mentorship can support spiritual growth in a number of ways including: 

  • Personalized guidance 
  • Accountability 
  • Role modeling 
  • Community building 

Overall, mentorship can be an invaluable resource for men who are seeking to deepen their spiritual growth and develop stronger relationships with God. 

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