Free Permission Slip for Church Event Text & Template

Parent signing permission slip for church eventAre you holding a church event for minors? Make sure you check all the boxes with this free and editable permission slip for church events. Feel free to adjust the text to your liking or use it as is.


Click the image below to download the PDF template. Or, copy and paste the text beneath the image to create your own document.


Screenshot of Permission Slip for Church Event


Permission Slip for Church Event Text

Participant's Name:______________________



Grade Level:_____________________________________


Phone Number:_____________________________________

Participant's Parent/Guardian's Name:_______________________________

Participant's Parent/Guardian's Phone Number:_________________________________

I, ____________________________________ (Participant's Parent/Guardian's Name), hereby grant permission for my child, _____________________ (Participant's Name), to participate in the upcoming church event. I acknowledge that there are inherent risks associated with any activity and I assume full responsibility for those risks.

I understand that travel may be involved, and I hereby give permission for my child to travel with the adult leader or leaders of this activity, including transportation by car, bus, train, airplane, or any other means.

I understand that it may be necessary for emergency medical treatment to be administered if an injury or illness occurs during activities. I grant permission to an adult leader of this activity, my appointed agent if needed, to provide consent for any medical diagnosis or treatment including x-ray examinations; dental services; surgery and hospital care advised by a licensed physician, surgeon or dentist in the state where these services are rendered. This may include visits at a doctor's office as well as hospitals.

I understand that it is incumbent upon me and/or my child to follow all rules as set forth by the church concerning this event. Further, I acknowledge that any misconduct or misbehavior on the part of my child or myself may result in immediate dismissal from the event, at the sole discretion of the church staff.

I also agree to release and hold harmless the church and its staff from all liability related to injury or illness that may occur to my child in relation to this event or any activity associated with it. In the event of an emergency, I consent to medical treatment provided by a doctor or hospital of the church's choice.

I have read and understand all regulations associated with this event, as well as the above statements.

Signature:_____________________________________________ Date:____________________

Printed Name:___________________________________________________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian: ___________________________________________

Date: ___________________________

Please return the signed permission slip no later than _________________ (date). Thank you for your cooperation!

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