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Vanco Announces Purchase of Food Service Solutions

Vanco, a leader in payment processing and education administration software is pleased to announce its acquisition of Food Service Solutions (FSS), a cafeteria technology company based in Newry, Pennsylvania. The combination of the two companies uniquely positions Vanco to address the growing need for single student payment processing solution for schools, school districts and adult education providers. Vanco now provides a unified easy-to-use online payment experience for all school-related activities.  

“Our two companies are remarkably well suited for each other. Together, we are now equipped to deliver the student payment solutions educational organizations have been looking for,” Vanco CEO Shawn Boom said of the purchase. “Vanco serves those who enrich their communities – educators, school administrators and leaders of faith-based and non-profit organizations. FSS, with its strong presence in schools around the country, is a natural extension of the work we do.”

FSS was founded in 1989 by food-service technology experts and has grown into a trusted provider of point-of-purchase technologies for the education market. Vanco’s education payment processing solutions have been helping schools simplify payments for more than 20 years. Combined, our team is stronger and will continue with its mission to make payments simple and convenient for all educational organizations.

“With FSS joining Vanco, in addition to helping administrators, we now can deliver on the vision of a single-payer experience for parents and families,” Shawn Boom said.

Vanco, has operational hubs in Bloomington, Minnesota and Atlanta. The combined company will have approximately 300 employees.

Learn more about Vanco and FSS on our websites. 


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