Free Church Event Evaluation Form to Streamline Event Analysis

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Event evaluations are essential for gathering feedback from event attendees, and an effective church event evaluation form is the place to start. Evaluations from attendees can provide event organizers with valuable insights, highlighting what went well and where improvements are needed.  


Church events are different because you want to serve your community as a church while putting on a wide variety of great events. Event evaluations provide critical information to help you understand your community's needs and preferences, helping you create more personalized, successful events in the future. 


Use this free church event evaluation form template to help you start gathering information after your next event. 


Church Event Evaluation Form Template

1. Were you satisfied with the event?

  • Very satisfied 
  • Satisfied 
  • Neutral 
  • Unsatisfied 
  • Very unsatisfied 

2. Was the event well-organized?

  • Extremely well-organized 
  • Well-organized 
  • Somewhat organized 
  • Poorly organized 
  • Unorganized — chaos 

3. How would you rate the event's relevance to your spiritual needs?

  • Significantly relevant — just what I needed! 
  • Relevant enough 
  • Moderately relevant 
  • Slightly relevant 
  • Not relevant at all 

4. How do you feel about the length of the event?

  • Much too long — it dragged on and negatively impacted my experience 
  • Slightly too long 
  • Just right! 
  • Slightly too short — very short for the time and effort it took to be there 
  • Much too short — it was a waste of my time 

5. How effective was the communication about the event beforehand?

  • Extremely effective — I knew all the details about date, time, parking and other relevant details for a positive experience! 
  • Very effective 
  • Moderately effective 
  • Slightly effective 
  • Not at all effective — I was frustrated a lot of the time 

6. How would you rate the quality of the speakers/presenters? 

  • Excellent! 
  • Good 
  • Average 
  • Below average 
  • Poor 

7. How would you rate the quality of the musical guests/performers?

  • Excellent 
  • Good 
  • Average 
  • Below average 
  • Poor 

8. Were the facilities (seating, lighting, sound, restrooms, etc.) adequate for the event?

  • Far above expectations 
  • Above expectations 
  • Met expectations 
  • Below expectations 
  • Far below expectations 

9. How likely are you to attend any future events with us?

  • Very likely — I look forward to the next event! 
  • Likely 
  • Unsure 
  • Unlikely 
  • Very unlikely — based on this experience, I do not plan to attend another event 

10. Did you find this event spiritually encouraging?

  • Extremely encouraging 
  • Very encouraging 
  • Moderately encouraging 
  • Slightly encouraging 
  • Not at all encouraging 

11. How well did the event cater to all age groups?

  • Exceptionally well 
  • Very well 
  • Adequately 
  • Poorly 
  • Not at all 

12. Was the event inclusive and welcoming to all attendees?

  • Extremely inclusive, evidenced by diverse attendees and staff 
  • Very inclusive — I saw some diversity represented 
  • Moderately inclusive 
  • Slightly inclusive 
  • Not at all inclusive — everyone looked, acted and sounded the same 

13. How would you rate the variety of activities or programs during the event?

  • Excellent variety 
  • Good variety 
  • Average variety 
  • Poor variety 
  • No variety 

14. How effective was the event in fostering community and fellowship?

  • Extremely effective 
  • Very effective 
  • Moderately effective 
  • Slightly effective 
  • Not at all effective 

15. How would you rate the overall atmosphere of the event?

  • Extremely positive 
  • Very positive 
  • Neutral 
  • Somewhat negative 
  • Very negative 

16. Would you recommend our events to others?

  • Definitely 
  • Probably 
  • Maybe 
  • Probably not 
  • Definitely not 


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